Loose Trucks Max in WHATSSAMATTA TWO (#tumblr)


Photo by Colin Sussingham

Our premonitions regarding the Tumblrness of skate videos’ collective future are now being confirmed. WHATSSAMATTA TWO is definitively more Tumblr-as-an-adjective than its predecessor, which was deficient of #electro, #seapunk and #trippy aesthetics. (If you are in your thirties and don’t hang out with people under 25, thus are at odds with the concept of content-platform-as-an-aesthetic, keep this in mind: Someone born in the nineties who didn’t know who Kevin Durant was once jokingly-but-also-honestly told me they wear Bulls gear “because it’s Tumblr.”)

ANYWAY, Loose Trucks Max A.K.A. Max Palmer A.K.A. the Quartersnacks office’s favorite midwestern-born skater has a part in the aforementioned project. It’s an iPhone affair half-edited to a track off the “IDGAF about French Montana but he picks good beats”-camp’s favorite Coke Boys project.

The one here must be over a year old, but are tricks on televisions still #relevant in the Tumblr era? Has anyone wallied a Macbook propped up by a brick yet?

And since this post has been heavy on Tumblr-isms, here is a .GIF illustrating how one earns the title “Loose Trucks Max.”

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