The Week in Relevant Flip Tricks

flip tricks

This stacks up pretty well on the only chart of measure that matters.

Despite a slow start to the year, the past several days have yielded a barrage of developments relevant to our quest in appreciating good flip tricks (i.e. stuff that is understandable to the normal human’s brain in a way that most professional skateboarding of the day never will be.) Below, is a list of the three best flip tricks in existence, and how they have been elevated in the past week or so.

P.S. The 360 flip has been too homogenized in recent times to qualify for the top three. All the great 360 flips have been done, man.

1. Kickflips

Seimi Miyahara’s ender justified the lipslide kickflip’s existence to an entire generation born before 1990 that never thought it would cheer for one after Gino did it backside in Nothing But the Truth. He also skates over garbage bags, hopefully as an overt homage to a prominent New Jersey skateboarder with exemplary flick capabilities.

Wish there was a side view of this, but yeah, that’s a kickflip.

And yes, that is out of a lipslide.

2. Backside Flips

Among our friend group, there is a simplified S.K.A.T.E. variant in which two people see how long it takes them to roll away from five backside flips. The first to five wins and they do not need to be in a row. As these games sometimes take twenty minutes to complete, a frequent notion of wisdom is that “Even the people who are really good at backside flips, still aren’t *that* good at them.”

After perusing some B-sides from the 2013 Christmas clip, that thought seems wrong. Either that, or it has only been said with unspoken acknowledgement that professionals — particularly those with “Greatest Backside Flip Ever Done” contenders (consult 3:57 mark) — are not considered when making such a statement.

The backside flips above might’ve occurred a month and a half ago, but jealousy over their form is only beginning to register now. At the time, more brain power was being spent on appreciating not getting kicked out of the spot they were occurring at.

3. Nollie Backside Heelflips

Between Brian Hoard’s Deca tenure and Torey Pudwill’s “Big Bang” part, there was not much talk about picnic table NBDs. Though tables themselves have been increasingly fashionable post-Bryan Herman in Stay Gold, only recently have we re-started to ask “Wait, has that been done over a Cali table?” A nollie backside heelflip was one of the most oft-considered curiosities, and the mystery was put to rest on Instagram two days ago via a former Redline Energy Drink spokesman.

With a nollie back heel put to rest, we can assume that a straight fakie flip (the fourth best flip trick) over one is only a year or two or Dylan Reider part away.


  1. zered been had the best backside flip besides that japanese kid that was at TF a few years ago with big headphones. shout out that dude

  2. But you forgot to mention that Cromer had the nicest backside flip of all time over that yellow hydrant in the Brixton/Krooked jacket ad.

  3. Honestly Quims switch backside flip on flat in that Japanese video kinda takes the cake for me. And nollie backside heel? Third best flip trick? Really? I would like to submit mike Carroll’s switch frontside heel to picnic table manual in Yeah Right and Hufs in Non-fiction as reasons that trick trumps it’s nollie counterpart. I know the nollie backside gets props cuz Gino’s is ill, and this picnic table flip is mid-blowing, but it’s a pretty complicated trick that looks pretty awkward most of the time…

  4. I have said this before on here but Quim did THE BEST nollie varial kickflip over the banks wall..the best jerry..I’ll even go as far as saying (personally) best trick ever done over it…(GIF please) also I remember hearing about the koston nollie back heel over the wall session..rumor was it took him like 4+ hrs to lock one down proving he is semi human and the banks are as challenging and mysterious as everyone heard.

  5. Ayyy yall forgot to mention nick and brady over in london with the most bangin backside flips also putting on for canada Kevin Lowry is in the runnings. can this please be turned into a poll of sorts.

  6. you can’t say bsd flip without mention drake jones (most kids nowdays don’t know who that is though)

  7. If you guys wanna see any awesome backside flip, watch stan karbine stop fakin 2. He’s a dawg at them

  8. Drake Jones is definitely a contender. Snack, you should do a where are they now with that dude.

  9. Snackman, you should get Biebel to post the nollie back heel in regular motion, exclusive here on QS

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