Yo did you see the new Nyjah Hudson part?

brady part

Any day where you wake up to two texts – one from someone in their thirties and another from someone in their mid-twenties – about a Nyjah Hudson part is a pretty weird day, especially before 11 A.M. Considering we already ruled that Ishod’s Sabotage 3 part is the absolute pinnacle of how good a video part could be before it starts looking like Gravity, Nyjah Hudson can wait.

Danny Brady’s welcome part for Palace probably can’t wait though. Pending a review from the QS Skater Nationality Board to establish whether or not Torey Goodall post-marriage classifies as a British skateboarder, Danny Brady currently holds the title for Best British Dude Out. Provided he is ruled British, Torey might have him beat by a slight margin, if only because he’s a surefire lock for 2013’s Mike York Award (due to a mid-line regular ledge frontside noseslide obvs.)

Also, did anyone else always suspect that tunnel from the beginning of Clockwork Orange was a skate spot? Good to know it’s still around. Who’s trying to collaborate on a Tumblr featuring screengrabs of skate spot sightings from regular movies?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Be back on Friday.

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  1. This is one of those things where the dude is trying to be clever by pretending to not know the famous dude’s name, but he just comes off like a twat.
    I am usually on the same page of preferring street cruising creative footage over rail hammers, but this is just being childish and embarrassing and trying to act “too cool.”

    Also, nothin wrong with a mid-line regular ledge front nose as long as it’s mid-line.

    I personally highly dislike Kanye, but I’m not gonna be like “Listen to THIS (insert “underground, true to their roots” artist here) instead of the new Kanye Breast!”
    Cause people would think it douchy. Like this post.

  2. Couldn’t agree more with the above comment, the guy who wrote this needs to get out of NY and live a little

  3. Tbh nyjah you ain’t got no style and you don’t deserve a beverage. Also palace is sick, Brady is sick and torey Goodall is the man.

    But yo snack, it’s almost 2014, what is good with the banks? Are they going to re open?

  4. I heard some 13-year-olds kids at the Canarsie skatepark pronouncing his name “Nyjah Hudson,” and since then, that is the only way I have been saying it.

    In the interest of full disclosure, my friend’s cousin pronounces General Tso’s Chicken as “General Toso’s Chicken,” and that’s how I pronounce it now to honor him. (Just in case there’s one day a post about Chinese food, and you think I’m being “too cool” for Chinese take-out…)

  5. I wonder, these fucking white boys who comment on here, have they ever read anything on the site before? Who doesn’t instantly understand that the title is referencing how often his name is miss pronounced. I too say it Hudson, or Houston.

  6. Am I the only one who noticed that they posted a link to a sick skate part? I never saw that dude before, and I typically hate on skating these days for the either fake-hesh, hipster, or flat-brimmed-sticker-on-hat-wearing cool guys that have invaded the game.

    That video part was a breath of fresh air, no wonder that team gets sweated so hard.

  7. Yeah his and nick jensens part was really good, they both still rip. Danny Brady is making moves though, palace is just where it’s at. And blueprint idk how that company’s doing anymore, it used to be so sick

  8. bzzzzz- blueprint got bought by some shitty canadian company and everyone quit the team in the space of a week. shier and jensen started isle skateboards and took a few guys over with them.

  9. youre going to have to excuse the snackman, hes busy trying to shove torey goodall down everyones throats whether we like it or not,

  10. This isn’t some unbiased end-all institution of skateboard commentary. For the most part, my friends are my favorite skaters. You’re probably the same dude who was complaining about Moya coverage on here a few months ago.

  11. No idea who Geo moya is? That wasn’t me.

    Anyways, thank you for citing your conflicts of interest and biases. It makes reading this website a lot easier.

  12. hey fook boy if you don’t know who moya is then how you know his first names geo? ahh yeeeeeee whateva nigga you a bitch. leave new York if you here or im beat you up. my favorite skaters are my friends to snackman :)

  13. shoving Torey down youre throat? watch his baby steps part and FBI you fuckboi
    my man T been nice since before you stopped getting an allowence

  14. I typed moya + quarter snacks into google to figure out who he was talking about. Easy stuff. Good luck on your GED or art degree.

    You’ve never beaten anybody up in your life, you can quit pretending now.

    Torey isn’t the worst but he’s no where near the best. Some of us come here for NY skating news with the misunderstanding that he’s being objective. Now that snackman explained his biases a lot of what he writes makes more sense.

    If you want to convert the unconverted film a day in the life of torey Goodall. You guys talk so much about him but I never see the hype. I want to see him get whiteboi wasted.

  15. That roller chick is quite a lady. Add a few more honeys to the team, and lose the fat one that gets about 5 seconds of footage. I got roller disco, block party records for days. Maybe a good idea for a spring jump off at the TF. Take it back to the Skate Key era. Rockathon knows what Im talking about!

  16. fook losing sleep over this debate. poor guy was up at 4 am punching his keyboard. or he’s on the west coast in which case his opinion don’t count

  17. @court reporter: theres a time stamp, do you see it? it says 1:27 pm. not sure if youre just stupid or you’re trying to mess with me, hard to tell….

  18. Nigga I’m not even from ny and I know who geo Moya is. Have you seen his line footy at the globe son he nasty. And fuck that guy, obviously don’t know torey Goodall is the man! Look at how smooth he is smh you a hater
    Cam laughing at you saying you mad hater

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