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Not quite an out of office reply, as the past week has been spent moving offices and shipping stuff. The content department just took the week off.


You know how there’s the typical “If this part came out today, it would still be as good” thing that gets left on YouTube pages of video parts? It’s probably hyperbolic in 90% of cases. But in reality, given Jerry Hsu’s reunion with Marc Johnson on the Chocolate roster, isn’t Jerry’s Bag of Suck part truly one of those “If this came out today…” parts where the distinction isn’t exaggerated? It’d probably be on the shortlist with P.J, Zered, etc. for top five of the 2000s. The stubborn end of the debate took a “what have you done for me lately”-angle, but he’s been injured a bit, the guy’s Emerica part was pretty damn good, and as the kids would say, “That Enjoi part tho…”

Hsu is also down with the Noseslides, so we’re riding with #teamjerry on this one.

Enjoy the nice weather this weekend.


  1. You guys often start great conversation topics and then never take them anywhere (whose the best NJ skater). Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! “Which videos from the past would hold up today?” And “best parts of the ’00s”

    I nominate Gino in Trilogy for the first one and Koston Menikmati and Renaud Mosaic for the second (Menikmati was 2000?)

  2. All us NJ scum talk about are Nj heads who rip and/or have ripped. My list is as follows. Matt Field, Quim, Ishod, Mike V, Josh Doras, Will Nagle, & Fred Gall. Fuck Dune. And although he doesn’t admit it, Vnnie Ponte is from NJ.

  3. I love all the NJ heads, but Wenning and Tim O seem to be shoe-ins and their names never come up. Seems underdogs like Quim and Puleo get all the credit, which is fine by me

  4. The Bag of Suck part is great, present tense noted I hope. However, when it comes down to it, my favorite Jerry part is from Black Cat.
    I think for myself, and my crew back then, that part stood out so much. Second to last trick, reason I learned frontside half cab noseslides, and his lines were so sick. Just seeing Jerry’s name up in relevant sponsorship news still, well, it says wonders about his influence and skating skill level. With that, I think it’s safe to agree that the Bag of Suck part stands up with the likes of PJ, Z, and others who compromise Top ten of the 2000s video parts that actually matter.

    Props to Dominic for dropping that Renaud part. Wore out that VHS

  5. Jerry’s Bag of Suck part better than his Stay Gold part? Yes, I know the Stay Gold part is all switch…well except for the nollie back tail to fakie…
    I’m pretty sure it is. Much more material, if that matters, and better spot selection….also: bleached hair should be a thing again

  6. easily top 5 parst of the 2000s. if you’re referring to zered’s vicious cycle part then that too.

  7. Prop Joe here to weigh in on this (I brought 450 lbs with me, he he). For me and my crew, the following is what got us hyped in the early 2000s (and still does):

    -most of the brothers from the Real to Reel video. Huf’s part was ill (also shout out to his part in Roll Forever), Gonz’s part was something special, what with his song being a collabo with Tommy G n shit. My man Max Schaff came in hot with the Too $hort.

    -Static II had mad good parts. Oyola, that Habitat montage before they team hit the skids and became a cruiser company, Kenny and Bobby, and that east coast montage with KRS was tight.

    -I dunno about y’all, but I done been watching that 5Boro jawn, New York, NY. I even got the “special edition” shit with word of mouth as a bonus. Falla’s part was the realness, and taken as a whole that video was the start to mad sessions. Plus, that skell in the begining talmbout “holla at me, 718-555-&%^&”, this is how we do in NY”. Meanwhile, that mawfukka wearing 1996 Pelle Pelle and driving a work van.

  8. Danny Garcia’s Mosaic part is just as sick now as it was 10 years ago. One of my top 5 favorite parts ever.

  9. E$py, it may take years, or it may never come back. Aliens using brain matter to make bushings.

  10. just re-read the “Only Fred Forgives” article. Yeah, you guys settled that one.

    As far as parts from the ’00s, the more I think about it, the more I realize its potentially impossible to answer. It goes back to the “everybody is good now” idea. You got all the Baker heads, the Lakai vid, pretty sure Modus was 2000, Silas in Inhabitants, BOTH Janoskis parts, the DC vid, Mind Field…looks like consensus wants all Hsu’s parts on the list, of course I agree with Zered…no way can we make it just ten…Bastian…

    QS why don’t you put your feeble heads together and try to come up with a list? make it an article? You can def relate it back to NYC with Zered’s part because unfortunatley he’s kind of forgotten in the milieu of the greatest skaters of all time, which he is. And you know Jake Johnson’s part makes the cut, so there you go. Suddenly its an NYC article

  11. Always thought that PJ having the best part of the 2000s was a pretty not-fully-unanimous-but-unanimous-enough consensus?

  12. Yeah PJ tops the list for sure, I think you guys are right about that. I’m just saying as the list expands it starts to get really difficult to keep it to just ten. Its a pretty monumentous feet.

  13. PJ: PJLWHL
    Koston: Menikmati
    Carroll: Modus
    JJ and Heath Kirchart: Mindfield
    Zered: Vicious Cycle
    Wenning: Photosynthesis
    MJ and Guy: Fully Flared
    Bastien: Sorry

    That was extremely difficult and I immediately think of 5 more parts I want on there….You guys take it, create a concensus

  14. At first it was kind of bizarre that QS is even talking about Jerry Hsu.. like next you’re going to be posting about the Cold War video and whathappenedtobastiensalabanzi? and other weird not NYish topics but then I thought, no wait- bleached hair, skates that’s-not-a-spot-spots (that dirt hill, bank with bricks on it), writes for vice, and of course his outfit in that mellow triple set line (@ 1:22), so in the end it makes sense

  15. i think its been obvious that qs wasnt a ny only site for a while now. its not funny that theyre talking about hsu, just that theyre talking about someone whos not black, a tech euro or mike carroll

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