Kevin Tierney in the New Skateboard Mag


One of two native New Yorkers on Zoo York’s skate program has a six-page interview in the latest issue of The Skateboard Mag (A.V.E. cover), thus graduating from past “check out” status. He discusses frequent usage of the word “brolick,” though does not address other oft-used catchphrases like “mad bodied” and “o.d.” Photographs by Brian Kelley and Sean Cronan at some atypical New York spots. Kevin hasn’t been down since day one, but he’s been down since the first “End of Summer” clip (probably the 7th one overall), which was pretty damn near day one. It’s good to see him getting some proper shine on a national platform.

We’ve been working on a re-edit of this dude’s past few years of footage, but that’s coming along slower than expected. In any event, watch his part in Solo Jazz (8:16 mark.) If you’ve burnt a figurative hole through that video from repeated viewings, his all-midtown segment in the 2010 Christmas clip has always been an office favorite.




  1. Good to see real NYC natives getting the shine they deserve. KT got that wild style for days.

  2. that 5050 is sick, the spot is hairy and basically untouched besides that and bs lip by mark suciu.

  3. ^^^^^^^

  4. Random. Compiling master list 80s 90s natives

    Paul leung
    Benny leung
    Charles lamb
    Sasha lamb
    Jay mullally
    Jay maldonado
    Ian reid
    Rodney torres
    Rob campbell
    Louie louie
    Jeff pang
    Ryan hickey
    Mike hernandez
    Keith hufnagel
    Ivan perez
    Steven cales
    Keenan milton
    Harold hunter
    Lamont mcintosh
    Hamilton harris
    Keith harrison
    Andy kessler
    Ray wong
    Christian bruna
    Mike wright
    Danny supa
    Sean kelling
    Geo moya
    Peter bici
    Peter hunyh
    Rodney smith
    Alex corporan
    Kyle james
    Chris keefe
    Jones keefe
    Rodney cooper
    Eli gesner
    Alyasha moore
    Felix arguelles
    Harry jumonji
    Ariel cottrell
    Bill leung
    Jeremy henderson
    Giovanni reda
    Dmitry elayskevich
    Joey alvarez
    Jeff simmons
    Mike camacho
    Billy waldman
    Scott Schwartz
    Luis Rodriguez
    Camayo brothers
    Chris Vidal
    Victor Peposhi
    Ricky Li 
    Karim fresno
    Justin pierce
    Cosmo singer
    Obed rios
    Jason kong
    Medwin Pang
    Anthony Ianiro
    Roberto Marin
    Cosmo singer
    Cosmo torres
    Peter Pabon
    Shane Bouval 
    Gizmo collado
    Peter sarne
    Joe lentini
    Jody padilla
    Louis “crunchy”
    joey and Jessie Figueroa 
    Darren bryant
    Maurice key
    Jason reitz
    Frank tam
    Jerome Hamilton
    Bryan chin
    Ivan Maldonado
    Akira mowatt
    Aaron weinbaum

  5. Rodney Smith is from Jersey. Imagine that, the creator of Zoo York, from Zoo Jersey. I’m pretty sure Felix is from Zoo Jersey as well. Union City my nigga. Billy Waldman’s from Westchester County. So much for your master list you kook. I’m gonna make a master list of kooks. Here it is, 1.) you.

  6. List 100 skaters that wear headphones and tight jeans and started skating because of tony hawk the video game

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