Transworld’s ‘NYC Rising’ Feature


You already know we riding with #TeamKev in this beef.

Transworld has a new issue out, so it should be safe to scan this feature from their previous one for those who did not get a chance to grab a physical copy.

The article ran in conjunction with a great month-long web series on the Transworld site. “NYC Rising” implies that the city is “on the come up,” but when you think about it, the California-based skate media has always labeled New York / the east as this blooming entity that will one day reach the mountain top. It’s a nice way of veiling the harsh truth: “California [mostly] produces way better skaters than you.” New York is permanently rising but never surpassing — not unlike what Jay-Z told Memphis Bleek for many, many years. Bleek never took over (even though Jay-Z committed one of history’s greatest crimes by supplying him with one of the best Premier beats ever…) and New York will never rise past California as far as skateboarding is concerned.

…but whatever, their bars close at 1:30.

As the rise continues, the article interviews a grip of dudes who were around for the first wave of the east being “on the come up” (Ryan Hickey, Peter Bici, Jeff Pang, etc.), alongside some photos of the current individuals doing the rising. A great blend of nostalgia and today’s skaters that you see at Tompkins.















  1. Tell me Walker, how do you feel about being in a New York article surrounded by so many skateboarder legends who dislike you?

  2. “New York will never rise past California as far as skateboarding is concerned.” I suppose that all depends on how you “judge” skateboarding. I’ve lived on both coasts. If you mean surpass as far as industry and the number of pros, then this is true,since most East Coast talent moves west to “make it.” If you are talking about the sheer pleasure of riding your useless wooden toy through traffic and tackling different obstacles in your quest for fun, then both have different things to offer.

  3. I’ve heard (in interviews) that if you grew up in California you just always had a skateboard, and the skate industry wants that to be the case across America so they can sell more skateboards. So they’re pushing east coast skating. That’s not a condemnation of the skate industry, that’s business. It’s just good to understand why it’s happening, and will continue until every kid in Massachusetts has a board sitting in his garage.

  4. That skateboard in every garage in California is absolutely true, also a surfboard (for socal, san luis obispo and santa cruz)

  5. So does Harris work at DQM cause he’s a richboy like Keefe? Makes sense to me.

    DQM is the richboy shop. And then there’s Supreme, but they are in their own league.

    Just an observation.

  6. Being rich> being bitter

    Haha did rob turn you down or something? Seems like you re always talking about him

  7. The city is fun though, now that its pretty much done you can hang around at 3 am and not get robbed. Sometimes its okay that its soft in new york.

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