Apparently, Josh Kalis isn’t that good at 360 flips…

(Can you believe there was a point in time when Alien Workshop ads referenced Black Rob songs?)

Tre flips took me so long to get down. I must’ve tried those things for over 2 years before I even landed one. But I wanted to learn them so bad. I think that’s why I ended up getting so much respect for that trick is because I really had to work at them. The funny thing is that I’m not even all that good at them. I’ll go to a skatepark and watch kids do 50 in a row. I don’t have them anywhere close to that. If I do 10 of them, I’ll probably make five of them but have to tic-tac out because I didn’t get all the way around. Three of them I won’t make at all and I might have two that I stomp pretty good. But I’m not that consistent at them… I just get lucky with a good one every now and then.

The Chrome Ball Incident has a new interview with Josh Kalis. It touches on whether or not he actually liked Dinosaur Jr. during his Alien Workshop tenure, the influence of Embarcadero, how southern California school yards are harder to skate than most expect, Lennie Kirk, the switch back tail down Hubba Hideout, the Transworld Golden Gate Bridge cover, Stevie having a full part in the DGK video (!!!), Bieber rocking DGK, the two…no wait…the three…no wait…the four worst trends in street skating these past ten years (no mention of “yo flips”), etc. An all around great read.

Previously: Kalis on his Photosynthesis part, “The Love Park Story” (documentary), QS interview with Kalis from November 2010. And then there’s this…



  1. I understand rockin Polo jeans in 2000, but where the hell were Bugle Boy jeans still widespread (and impressing women) that year? Was there a factory in Miami?

  2. I just gotta say I really appreciate the amount of Philly love that Quartersnacks furnishes on a weekly basis. As a Philly-area transplant, I didnt expect that when I first started to get back into keeping up with the local scene and discovered QS.

    I’ll admit I don’t understand a majority of the NYC in-jokes, references and skate personalities… I don’t like any NYC area sports teams (all Philly teams for me, sorry) – but at least I can join in on the mid-90’s east coast nostalgia, sweat pants talk and reverence for anything involving the Photosynthesis era.

    Carry on.

  3. In the 90s Bugle Boy had jeans that were the same cut as $60 Blind jeans and you could get them at any Marshalls for 15 dollars. Marshalls was also the catalyst for the era of wearing Puma Clyde – Adidas Gazelle/Shelltoe as skate shoes.

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