Check the Stats, Check the Racks

Photo by Emilio Cuilan

Normally, at this time of year, all we would have to show for the past three-and-a-half months is a few trips to Below the Bridge, one trip to Drop-In, several nights of pretending to skate at House of Vans, an elaborate Geo Moya blooper reel, and a clinched playoff spot at the bottom of the Eastern Conference. Given 2012’s generosity in climate (the party ends for a bit tomorrow, by the way), we actually had a few nights in midtown, several trips to Flushing (one resulting in an E.J. anxiety attack due to being too far from the T.F.), mad footage of the Tompkins cones, and a wasted bottle of champagne. The bottom-half playoff seeding is still the same.

Contributing filmers: Andre Page & Richard Quintero.

Features: Josh Velez, Ritch Swain, Tyler Tufty, Sweet Waste, Andre Page, Billy McFeely, Pad Dowd, Vladimir Kirilenko, Emilio Cuilan, Negative, Brandon Bramhall, Ty Lyons, Brian Kelley, Rodney Sterling, Rob Gonyon, Jack Sabback, Roctakon, Galen DeKemper, Haffa, Carmelo Anthony, Iman Shumpert, J.R. Smith.

Mooney was locked up while this clip was being filmed, hence his lack of footage.

Alternate YouTube Link

if you need something to do tonight — Black Donald Trump live / Palace crew DJing / The Wavy Baby asking you to buy him a drink @ Santos. More info here.


  1. As someone who’s had urine thrown on them by Sean Sheffey, and represented Zoo York so well early on, Ive got to say that you guys have really stepped up this thing called skateboarding that I invented. As a matter of fact, the granite that a few of you guys are grinding in this clip was actually a formulated thought that became a reality in my brain! Props on using an HD camera, I actually drew the blueprints for the first High Definition recording device, so truthfully you owe a lot to me regarding that clip in general!

  2. yeah Lucre, I’m also not 100% in love with Faux-Ricky’s tone. I can’t tell if he’s a former Oyola devotee who’s been psychologically scarred after watching Ricky’s Epicly Later’d and can’t cope – or just a very dedicated hater for whatever reason. Ah well.

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