Same Old Video Part, But It’s On That New Shit


It’s great to have south Jersey/Philly-based skaters going pro for major companies these days. It was also great to have Philly rappers (or at least one) resurface to national prominence last year. Considering skateboarding and rap are the two dominant concerns of this website, it should come as no surprise that the first re-edit of 2012 merges Real’s latest pro teamrider, Ishod Wair, with the Maybach Music Group’s latest pro teamrider, Meek Mill. Meek Mill saved the late-summer/early-fall of 2011, by drowning out the sound of people playing that lame collaborative album by those two boring rich guys with his repeated proclamations of being a boss. For that, we salute him and Ishod (another boss) with this remix.

Sometime in the near future, we’ll devise a non-rap re-edit for a change of pace. They just have to come back full swing by the summer though. Dreamchasers 2 should be out by then. We’re still going to be stretching 4:3 and mixing HD with SD, don’t worry…

Alternate YouTube Link: Pool, I don’t ever swim


  1. “We’re still going to be stretching 4:3 and mixing HD with SD, don’t worry…” – haha

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