The Jake Johnson Files – Part 2

This clip is essentially a remastered version of our November 2007 montage (with a bit of December 2008 sprinkled in), which up until recently, was the most downloaded clip in the history of this website. That is probably because the internet did not have a lot of Jake Johnson footage at that point in time. Unfortunately, we did not begin archiving montages in full quality until like 2010, so a lot of the current uploads of old clips on YouTube and Vimeo are low quality and dark (especially the one in question.) About 75% of the people who go on Quartersnacks now, didn’t go on it in November 2007, so if you’re in the minority, pardon the uninspired-ness of the presentation, vibe, same exact song choice, etc. Once you edit someone’s skating to “Put On,” it’s hard to get more inspiration afterwards. So, it’s the clip from four years ago, but in 720p, with some bonuses attached.

All in New York, all filmed by Brengar, who probably has ten more minutes of unseen footage like this that will never witness the light of day. Maybe we could borrow his uncaptured DV tapes in exchange for eighteen cartons of duty-free cigarettes. A lot of this stuff was supposed to go towards an Autumn video in 2008. It’s about to be 2012, so you can guess how that turned out…

Interview next week. Have a good weekend.


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