Mr. Ice Cream Man…

The new Hopps commercial is online. It may not feature any skateboarding, but it has Jahmal Williams flying on a bicycle. If there was ever a skateboard commercial that deserved to be developed into a television show, a commercial that features Jahmal bicycling around Brooklyn selling ice cream and/or magical skateboards is certainly it.

Hopps > Spielberg. Be sure to stop by as well.

[A lot of things popped up on the internet yesterday, and didn’t make the weekly Monday links post, so please pardon this extension of yesterday’s update…]

“Death Video” throwaway clips. YouTube comments already called out the “soft music for a ‘death’ video,” but these kids skate all over the city, and make Manhattan look like it has way more fun skate spots than it actually does. The line at Brick Nine is a new twist on the spot, and the near-ender at Frederick Douglass Park is pretty sick too. Wallie trends are real easy to predict.

Ishod Wair’s 4-Star Welcome Clip. Great to see a plain ol’ heelflip in circa-2011 skate footage. (Yes, obviously this particular inclusion isn’t exactly a “plain” heelflip, but still.)

From now on, every Quartersnacks clip will be edited exactly like this video. Check back tomorrow for a video update.


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