Bryan Birdman

This initially started out as a stupid Twitter joke, but after several people requested that it become a reality, we made it happen. After all, it’s only about two-and-a-half minutes of footage once you condense the whole eight-minute Herman Stay Gold B-Sides segment, so it wasn’t the lengthiest of tasks.

Emerica seems to have an extensive (and unfortunate) aversion to using songs that are a part of the Cash Money Records catalog, so we made this to try and fabricate an alternate reality where they embrace music made under Baby and Slim’s financial supervision. Like everything else we have tried to edit in the past four months, the first audio file to be on the timeline was Young Chris’ masterpiece, “Racks on Racks on Racks” (or simply “Racks” for short, but it’s less satisfying saying it just one time), but that song has proven itself immensely difficult to edit skateboarding to. Hopefully we figure it out before the much unanticipated Quartersnacks “Beginning of Summer / Memorial Day Weekend” clip.

Have a good weekend. Follow Quartersnacks on Twitter, ask us to re-edit more stuff to semi-obscure Cash Money songs, and maybe your dream will come true.

Alternate YouTube link: We sittin’ on them alligators

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  1. i never understood why big companies can’t make quick 2 or 3 minute parts like this of skaters if thats all the footage they have?

    soundtrack preferences are whatever but it just pisses me off every time EVERY SKATER in the video has some long drawn out ass part thats five minutes long. save that shit for the last part that’s it

    good looks on the express edit

  2. that varial heel over the gap is just retarded…i’m gettin rabies shots tomorrow

  3. maybe in emerica’s striving to differentiate itself and sole tech from baker boys distribution, they led themselves astray. i don’t speak for beagle but bet that he fucks with this re-edit.

  4. yall should show the biggavel some love wit one these re edits.. HOOKS FOR CHEAP MY GUY

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