There isn’t going to be a Heath Kirchart B-sides edit…

We already covered that one two years ago, and it would be tough to find something more absurd. Someone posted this edit on YouTube maybe a year ago and one of the comments was “What kind of sick and deranged person makes something like this?” They missed the point, but in a complimentary way. Embedded below in case you’re just tuning in.

Heath does three tricks in his B-sides segment. You could probably make a case for those tricks being the best three tricks in Stay Gold. “It’s just a glorified jump ramp” might be the biggest understatement in skateboarding history.

The real question is: When is Sheckler going to fakie flip the mega ramp?

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Brandon Westgate “On My Way To Mars” Re-Edit

When I was in California, some kids asked me what we listen to in New York. I said ‘Racks on Racks’ and Lady Gaga.” — Matthew Mooney

As current and trendsetting as New York is made out to be, we are perpetually late on terrestrial “urban radio” hits. This phenomenon explains why “O Lets Do It” was a fall 2009 hit for below the Mason-Dixon, and only a spring 2010 hit for New York, or “Make It Rain” being a fall 2010 strip club anthem for the south, and our gentlemen’s cabarets not receiving notice of its popularity until winter 2011. (Note: Boston might be even more behind — they were still playing “Stunt 101” on the radio in 2009.)

With summer 2011 being four days away, the office was in panic mode regarding how best to utilize Future and YC’s springtime hit / tribute to the Federal Reserve, “Racks,” before it becomes a “throwback.” Having no footage of our own, we began considering the re-edit route. Though Emerica’s brand aesthetic doesn’t quite go with YC and Future’s imagery, we noticed that Quartersnacks’ parent company, Trap Stars Entertainment actually sponsored Westgate’s large gap-to-bank ollie midway into his B-sides. So, proceeding with this project kind of began to make sense, at least to us. Either way, you’re not on the right website if you’re looking for edits that make sense (Consult previous editions: Andrew Reynolds & Bryan Herman.) The non-sensical rap edits seem to be picking up steam, so feel free to refer to us as pioneers down the line.

Alternate YouTube Link: Keisha, Pam, and Nikki

The next challenge will be figuring out what the summer 2011 anthem will be. Let us all pray that it is not “I’m On One.” We have been covering the development of seasonal anthems on Twitter, and will continue to do so.

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The natural temptation when remixing an Andrew Reynolds part is to utilize a song built around a “Boss” motif. When you deliberately limit your choices to rap songs, it seems like it shouldn’t be too hard, granted that rappers often enjoy referring to themselves as “the boss” of various entrepreneurial pursuits. Somehow, Rick Ross and that “Lonely Island” Saturday Night Live guy have monopolized on all known “Boss” songs, and we’re not going to sit there editing to either one. The next option was to look for figurative representations of rap’s beloved “Boss” figure, which is when we remembered the Ice Cream Man.

Much like Sole Tech’s neglect of the Cash Money catalog, they have a similar sentiment for another late-nineties southern rap dynasty, the No Limit Soldiers. That is why the following clip is brought to you by Quartersnacks and the good folks over at No Limit Records.

Alternate YouTube Link: Fool, I got 31 flavors

(We can only hope that Emerica will release another inspiring B-sides segment, so we could make a Suave House edition, and complete the late-nineties southern rap label remix trilogy.)

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Bryan Birdman

This initially started out as a stupid Twitter joke, but after several people requested that it become a reality, we made it happen. After all, it’s only about two-and-a-half minutes of footage once you condense the whole eight-minute Herman Stay Gold B-Sides segment, so it wasn’t the lengthiest of tasks.

Emerica seems to have an extensive (and unfortunate) aversion to using songs that are a part of the Cash Money Records catalog, so we made this to try and fabricate an alternate reality where they embrace music made under Baby and Slim’s financial supervision. Like everything else we have tried to edit in the past four months, the first audio file to be on the timeline was Young Chris’ masterpiece, “Racks on Racks on Racks” (or simply “Racks” for short, but it’s less satisfying saying it just one time), but that song has proven itself immensely difficult to edit skateboarding to. Hopefully we figure it out before the much unanticipated Quartersnacks “Beginning of Summer / Memorial Day Weekend” clip.

Have a good weekend. Follow Quartersnacks on Twitter, ask us to re-edit more stuff to semi-obscure Cash Money songs, and maybe your dream will come true.

Alternate YouTube link: We sittin’ on them alligators

Previous Re-Edit Editions: Quim Cardona, Eli Reed, Mind Field