Reporting Live From the Tompkins Bench

Who knew E.J. and Jason Dill were in a band together?

While Quartersnacks company policy dictates Flip/iPhone cam clips to be relegated to our weekly “Monday Links” installment (unless they are produced in-house), our editors decided to make an exception to the rule after a two-hour meeting. Not because the respective clip has behind-the-scenes footage of the secret Pappalardo and Gino part currently being filmed on a Seaport replica located on a man-made island just off the coast of Long Island, but for more journalistic and informative reasons.

The latest installment of the “Diamond Days” series serves as a news report on what major events have occured in New York skateboarding throughout the first month of spring. Any absentees would be well-advised to watch it, so they could be brought up to speed. It covers everything from:

– The opening of the season on three-up-three-down, the westside super-spot that is vastly superior to the entire Tribeca Park.

– Slicky Boy’s loss to the T.F. box after a grueling battle with a heelflip tailslide, and thus his inability to claim the proposed $38 reward.

– The rapid growth in marketshare of Dylan Reider’s shoe within the New York region, well beyond Paulgar. (Remember that prediction about shoe companies making more scene-friendly shoes in 2011? Surprise, surprise.)

– The new, *permanent* steel quarterpipe and ledge over cobblestones at 12th & A. (Thanks to California Skateparks for providing the concrete.)

– E.J’s new hair color.

– Billy’s transformation of “Wu-Tang!” into an adlib, used with a tourettes-like frequency, not unlike how Lil’ B and Odd Future devotees blurt out “Swag!” every three seconds.

The one fault of this throwaway-clip-turned-news-report is the lack of music in E.J’s section. While many prominent sections receive their own soundtrack, he was left with mere skate noises. Perhaps a hit song from his (and possibly Jason Dill’s) former band, No Doubt?


  1. yeah, when she’s not being a white female rapper, she’s a total 10 new cover of Elle magazine has the proof

  2. nah fam

    that was a tre shove

    skateboarding needs less tre shoves that look like impossibles and less impossibles that look like tre shoves. watch a video from the 90s to see what i mean

  3. The only thing worse than Rieder-clones doing impossibles is Rieder-clones failing at them.

  4. You need an Editor?

    Things are relegated into things, they are relagated to things.

    “The surge in which Dylan Reider’s iconic shoe has taken over the feet of New York …” would be better written, “The surge WITH which Dylan Reider’s iconic shoe has taken over the feet of New York…” if not totally restructured altogether.

    Please advise; and never use ‘which’ in a sentence unless you really can’t explain yourself without it.

    Not hating, just saying.

  5. I need and Editor; I just played myself, yay.

    The second sentence was supposed to say, “Things are NOT relegated into things…”

    mea culpa mufucker

  6. Hey, even the Times makes mistakes.

    I edited what you mentioned. I’ll never hold it against anyone for pointing out grammatical/structural things, as long as it’s not super nit-picky (I’m sure there are some minor things wrong with every post.) Thanks for pointing those things out.

    I actually had to have a reader explain to me that “anyways” wasn’t a word, so it’s all a learning process.

  7. call me the micky mouse hidden in your sicky house , jerkin off to hot summer days and your girl inna sticky blouse

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