Anyone planning a trip to Slovenia sometime soon?

The sports hall in Podčetrtek, Slovenia, looks like a pretty fun spot.

Modern architects have a fascination for building inclines that don’t serve any purpose aside from skateboarding. Is there some unprecedented rise in skateboarders going to architecture school? Because there isn’t much of an explanation as to why this place has to be draped with banks on all sides. Or maybe they just caught onto the whole inclines = skateboarders thing, and get a kick out of watching people get upset / pretend to get upset (See: Cooper Union) as soon as the entire surface gets cut up with black wheels marks. There has probably been at least one conference call throughout history between a client and an architecture firm that went along the lines of “The building you designed for us is covered with skateboarders every hour of the day, what the hell?”

We need to start attacking the system from the inside, bro! Major in architecture for a brighter future. Build skate-stopper-stoppers in every object you make.

Enjoi went to Kazakhstan, so Slovenia isn’t much of a stretch (although it’s kind of wild that this spot is said to be in a relatively small town.) Someone’s going there in the next year.

[Spotted via Skate and Annoy] Filing it under “Spot Updates,” just because.