Merry Christmas

Here’s the annual jazzy mood piece. Filmed throughout the past three months. Twenty-percent of the total eleven minutes was filmed on one miraculous twenty-five degree night in Midtown, something that is otherwise unprecedented in all of our over-eighteen-years-of-age existences. Complete Christmas miracle if there ever was one. Thanks to everyone who supported, visited, and spread the word about Quartersnacks this past year. First person who points out the grape soda BGPs gets a free Quartersnacks tee shirt (when the second batch comes in, which should be relatively soon.) Somebody please buy Josh a set of white wheels for Christmas, the lime is really starting to offend everyone. He’s “dreaming of a white-wheeled Christmas.”

Features: Jason Lecras, Tyler Tufty, Connor Champion, Max Palmer, Dennis Feliciano, Josh Wilson, Jersey Dave, Shawn Powers, Matthew Mooney, Billy McFeely, Torey Goodall, Vladamir Kirilenko, Thando Beschta, DJ Roctakon, Ted Barrow, Ty Lyons, Emilio Cuilan, Gabe Tennen, Pad Dowd, Galen Dekemper, Miles Marquez, Alexander Mosley, Josh Velez, Andre Page, Kevin Tierney, Geo Moya, Isak Buan, some lil’ kids, Pryce Holmes.

Big thank you to the contributing filmers: Andre Page, Dennis Feliciano, Paul Young, Joe Bressler, Martin Wilson, Larry Bao, Paulgar.

What’s the song for the Christmas clip?
John Coltrane. Nothing too crazy.
That’s corny.
The last clip I made was to ‘Fly Like a G6,’ give me a break.

Here’s an external link to download the clip as an .M4V for iPhones and iPods. 147.8MB. YouTube version here.


  1. Sick clip filled with christmas goodness. Merry Christmas guys.

    The above poster’s name reminds me of an idea that SupremexSnacks should put out a kids clothing line/store based on retro 90-00s nyc skateboarding/fashion called “apollo kids”.

  2. A NEW YORK enterprise making a CHRISTMAS clip instead of a HOLIDAY clip ?!?!?!

    You will be hearing from me and my dept. of religious intolerance.

    Injured? Workman’s comp issue? Botched plastic surgery? Stairs too high when you got broke off on a switch flip?

    E-mail me

  3. Seeing as how there were no Jewish athletes featured the name is actually quite fitting. Looks like Sean Powers got his ugly christmas sweater a couple days early.


    Avi is a total dirt bag

    He screwed me on my syndication checks.

  5. any dj roctagon footage makes me wana throw up, it was so out of place. he dosent even know how to ride a skateboard.. fuckin half a homo.

  6. equinox…
    that’s a little obvious

    niggas couldn’t try throwin some b sides on a clip?
    turn your jazz swag on with some joe henderson nigga!

  7. At what point did I ever insinuate that this website prides itself on obscure music choices? Everything I edit to is more-or-less obvious.

  8. Does 9:48 – 9:58 mean that those black marble Lincoln Center benches are not a total bust? How late do you got to go?

  9. P.S. That last ollie is kinda fucked given the runway and all. I used to work down the street from there and its crazy the cops didnt say anything to you guys.

  10. No, the fact that the footage is filmed from across the street should fill you in on how quick you get kicked out of there. Five minutes if you’re lucky.

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