The internet has not provided any useful information as to why “My Favorite Things” is a Christmas song (beyond “the imagery”), considering it originally started out as a show tune. Walking around these past few days, and hearing it playing several times from more festively-inclined establishments in varying renditions, gives us an excuse to post this part. Even though it has been posted on QS maybe three or four times throughout the past several years, it is a concrete choice for the personal, “Top Five” shortlist. (Accompanied by the recently mentioned Nate Jones Real to Reel part, the last two parts in Mouse, and an ever-changing fifth slot.)

Great style, well-done simple tricks, cities, doing things on spots relatable to everyone (like a bump to hill as opposed to some household name handrail) and all that is associated with this brand of skateboarding, will never go out of fashion. Even though a part like this cannot be singled out as that one instance that inspired every kid to try nollie front foot flips, or to start wearing brown high-water Dickies, it will stand as a timeless example of amazing skateboarding, after the impact from the “of the moment” blockbuster parts has become muffled, and the tricks one-upped five times over again.

Of course, saying that trends are bad, or token handrails and gaps aren’t an essential part of skating, is stupid. For all those who have the power to influence those aspects, it is crucial that they continue doing so, as it progresses skateboarding more than anything else. All that’s being said here is to take some time to occasionally admire the simpler things, which too often get pushed out of the way by N.B.D. alerts and C.J. Tamborino parts that cause the internet to implode.

P.S. If you have ever opened Final Cut Pro in your life, this part is an inspiration to anyone who has ever undertaken the task of editing to difficult-to-edit-to music. Let’s get it.


  1. this part is a visual of what skating is actually about,going out in them streets and finding spots with homies, not spending all day in the park doing kickflip backtail bigspin out

  2. Finally someone said it, the last good parts to come out in the past two decades were edited to jazz. Hint, can the skate world stop using pitchfork as its soundtrack idea machine?

  3. in cant ban the snackman vol.2, the person speaking at the begining who is that and were is it from? thanks

  4. that era of coltrane is corny. the right skate part would go so well to free jazz. it’s like skating only goes for more orthodox earlier jazz and then skips the good part of the ’60s and goes right into afro/funk jazz.

  5. excuse me, for i am not entirely knowledgeable in coltrane, but according to my discography, My Favorite Things is from 1961. Most of the stuff i think is good is around this time period so my question is, what era Coltrane is the schwag, and which is the dro?

  6. i would so much rather watch felipe gustavo nollie 360 flip crook in broken english. however, i shot the man who signed the emancipation proclamation, even though he claimed to do it to save the union. damn yankees.

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