T.J. 4 S.O.T.Y.

Pretty much any group of skaters that has passed this spot these past ~20 years has stopped and debated whether it was possible or not. I remember somebody pointing out that if Brandon Westgate hadn’t done it yet (he definitely would’ve known about it), then maybe it was impossible. We even posed the rhetorical “how long until” on Twitter two years ago (that photo does the size of it zero justice, btw.) Really glad T.J. was the one to get it. The fact that an ollie is on the cover should tell you all you need to know about how crazy this is. (Well, that and the fact that it’s broad daylight in midtown Manhattan should color the narrative a bit, too.) Assuming everyone will be onboard the #TJSOTY train when that Supreme video drops, so yeah. Photo by Jared Sherbert.

And on that note, Boil the Ocean makes an assessment of the past eleven months to decide who should be eligible for S.O.T.Y.

The match-up you’ve all been waiting for: Nyjah Houston v.s. Alexis Lacroix.

Here is a #longform, Pineapple Express-based Nick Ferro b-sides remix, and here is a #longform, lo-def Memphis/Texas/(?) rap-based Dick Rizzo b-sides remix.

Office favorite, Jawn Gardner, has a new part over on Thrasher full of hairy spots. Glad you’re ok John! ♥

Remember that Weed Maps clip we admitted to being a bit of a guilty pleasure on here last winter? Well, here’s the less jittery version of the same clip that features Jaws skating New York.

Been a fan of this guy since he skated to People Under the Stairs (yeah…) in 411 — if you need some style inspo for the day, Free managed to unearth a ton of unseen Javier Sarmiento footage from the start of the millennium.

After getting shamed for not putting the new OG.2000 video (the dudes who made the “Mariah” video last year and um, ollied onto a Ferrari) in #QSTOP10 contention a week ago, we finally got around to watching it, and yeah, it got way less shine than it deserved on the skate internet. Tons of incredible Euro skating from names that will likely be unknown to you — though I’m sure some #trend-weary curmudgeons will find issue with something. These two tricks in Paris are fucked.

Brian Anderson is the latest guest on Lee Smith’s podcast. The interview is damn near two hours long. Maybe these could benefit from Soundcloud or Podcast links? Or did we miss that?

Looks like SML Talk is updating their site again. Here’s a listicle of 17 “beautiful” moments in skate video history. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and quite frankly, Jason Byoun’s Astor Place line from Life is Goodie got robbed.

It’s no video blog, but Johnny went to Argentina to film the SB team a year ago, and made his own clip of the trip just now. Can’t wait for Beef Patty 2.

Back when Crailtap was a daily visit and the skateboard internet was a smaller place, they used to post these random digi cam tidbits (pre-iPhone obvs) on their site. Someone compiled all of them, 2003-2005.

The building got tired of replacing the rail in front of the out ledge at FedEx and just… knobbed the ledge instead.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Hell ya Louuuuuuuu.

Quote of the Week: “I could see myself adding a nice siesta to my daily routine.” — E.J.

Shout to Cosme Studio for coming through on a slightly higher quality digital copy of Continuum. These are maybe only 10-15% better quality than the ones that have been on YouTube for ages, but hey, slow motion is better than… Also we’ve certainly pontificated about it in the past, but wow was Jerry Fowler’s skateboarding ahead of its time. Jahmal’s is obvs timeless, but you knew that :)


The internet has not provided any useful information as to why “My Favorite Things” is a Christmas song (beyond “the imagery”), considering it originally started out as a show tune. Walking around these past few days, and hearing it playing several times from more festively-inclined establishments in varying renditions, gives us an excuse to post this part. Even though it has been posted on QS maybe three or four times throughout the past several years, it is a concrete choice for the personal, “Top Five” shortlist. (Accompanied by the recently mentioned Nate Jones Real to Reel part, the last two parts in Mouse, and an ever-changing fifth slot.)

Great style, well-done simple tricks, cities, doing things on spots relatable to everyone (like a bump to hill as opposed to some household name handrail) and all that is associated with this brand of skateboarding, will never go out of fashion. Even though a part like this cannot be singled out as that one instance that inspired every kid to try nollie front foot flips, or to start wearing brown high-water Dickies, it will stand as a timeless example of amazing skateboarding, after the impact from the “of the moment” blockbuster parts has become muffled, and the tricks one-upped five times over again.

Of course, saying that trends are bad, or token handrails and gaps aren’t an essential part of skating, is stupid. For all those who have the power to influence those aspects, it is crucial that they continue doing so, as it progresses skateboarding more than anything else. All that’s being said here is to take some time to occasionally admire the simpler things, which too often get pushed out of the way by N.B.D. alerts and C.J. Tamborino parts that cause the internet to implode.

P.S. If you have ever opened Final Cut Pro in your life, this part is an inspiration to anyone who has ever undertaken the task of editing to difficult-to-edit-to music. Let’s get it.