Brooklyn Banks Officially Fenced Off (Photo)

After about five or six “last day of the Banks” announcements, as of the evening of June 21, 2010, the Brooklyn Banks have been fenced off in order to administer repairs on the Brooklyn Bridge that are expected to last until 2014. While there is no concrete information in regards to the status of the spot (more than likely, they’ll probably build enough skate parks and “plazas” by then and tell you that its ok for them to knock it down in three-and-a-half years because you have other stuff to skate), the Department of Transportation (or Bridges and Tunnels, one of those things) seems like it is being deliberately vague in terms of announcing what plans they have for those of us that will not succumb to cocaine addiction or failed art careers (same thing, sorry), and still be skating in 2014.

The western entrance of the spot is fully fenced off, as depicted. The eastern entrance, as of the 21st, has not been fenced off, but yeah, they should be getting to that any day now. The nine stair is still skateable. The installed flat rail near the ten stair has also been removed from the ground.


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