Quartersnacks Top 10 — November 17, 2017

Slow week in the QS office, weird week in skateboarding, and a couple of nice backside flips. Have a good weekend ♥ We’ll be back with cooler stuff next week xoxo.

Original Clips:


Intro via @theworldofskateboarding on IG [link] 10) Hugo Bosserup via “Mwadlands” [link] 9) Ryuhei Kitazume via Tabi [link] 8) Korahn Gayle via Grey part [link] 7) Taylor Smith via Shep Dawgs [link] 6) Jereme Knibbs via Santa Cruz’s “AM Video” [link] 5) Marek Kocak via IG [link] 4) Tommy Flynn via “Push” Part [link] 3) Jackson Pilz via “PAnda Patrol” [link] 2) Jacopo Carozzi via IG [link] 1) Sean Greene via IG [link]


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