Quartersnacks Top 10 — April 28, 2017

qs top 10 apr 28

Summer’s here baby!

Been heavy on the streak of #hesh enders. LurkNYC-dominant #QSTOP10 this week, even after a contentious #ABD debate in the comments. Have a good one, everybody. QS spring gear slowly trickling into shops this weekend. More details on shop and web availability this coming week ♥

Original Clips:


Intro — via @kookofpain on IG [link] 10) Andrew Reynolds via “Baker’s Tampa Video” [link] 9) Thomas Turner via Instagram [link] 8) Grady Smith via “Mean Streets Volume 8” [link] 7) Patrick Vidal via Making It Happen VX1000 Montage [link] 6) Josh Pall via Cinematographer Project – World View Passport Section [link] 5) Ryan Decenzo via Darkstar Part [link] 4) Gus Gordon via “Mean Streets Volume 8” [link] 3) Jaakko Ojanen via IG [link] 2) Kinser Cathey via “Mean Streets Volume 8” [link] 1) Cyril Jackson “Afterburner” Part [link]


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