#SeoulReport: Stingwater x Savour Skateshop

Daniel Kim’s Stingwater imprint partnered with our friends at Seoul’s Savour Skateshop for a short and sweet edit from Korea’s capital. It’s heavy on the night footage, with probably one of the most beautiful backside 180s in recent memory.

Seoul seems to be headed towards a #trendwatch this coming year (a Deathwish trip in the fall, a Supreme trip in the spring), and speaking from experience via a 2017 trip taken with the Stingwater proprietor, the place is absolutely incredible for everything: spots, food, vibes.

Also, shout out to Korea for being the first country we ever discovered QS merch bootlegs in.

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‘Like’ This Post If You’re Going Skateboarding in 2016 Dressed Like Wade Desarmo in 1998

wade d

Maybe I’ve been spending too much time around the the Vert God, but it’s becoming tough to deny the switch hardflip’s increased value among the social media skateboard landscape. We’re entering a post-Ryan Gallant/post-Matt Miller world, meaning people are no longer ashamed to whip out their non-flipping hardflips in public. Imperfect hardflips of the less-than-Gallant variety have entered the playful realm of “dad tricks.” There’s charm to their imperfection.

And what better lo-def, rickety flatground switch hardflip to go down in the un-storied history of the trick, than in fashion time traveler Wade Desarmo’s first-ever part, which was released the same year as ATCQ‘s last album. It’s almost unfair dude ended up being the only Canadian to crack the 2012 #phatstylez master list — seeing as how he had a H.G Wells G-Wagon to predict the 6XL Umbro jersey + bucket hat look fifteen years before it would adorn undersized caucasians who skateboard in the New York metropolitan area.