Just Hold On, We’re Skating Home: The Best of 2013


FYI, dude actually fell / falls asleep like this.

Hopefully the world ends today because Santacon is tomorrow.

So, yeah, 2013. We wore chic skater turbans, had to retire yolo, saluted Mike York, paid homage to the Boot Camp Click, studied varial flips, paid more attention to Miley than we should have, didn’t care about the Nets, fed into the rumor mill, got annoyed by Daft Punk fans, helped out tourists, memorized the entire Migos mixtape, went to Philly more than once, interviewed our predecessor, rode RiRi boards, Citibiked, came to terms with Drake, went to Europe, got jealous of their spots, got shouted out on a rap mixtape, celebrated a half-decade since the Jeezy presidency, conducted studies, felt some type of way, fell off them skate boards hard as a motherf**ker man, got girls boyfriends, and honored the first black Skater of the Year.

Thanks to anyone who contributed footage this year.

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In the spirit of the holiday season: First person to Tweet us how many *landed* noseslides are in this clip gets a care package of QS gear. (Hint: Something that looks like a nollie tail is actually a half cab noseslide.) This offer is only open to U.S. residents due to shipping costs. Someone got it.

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