Detroit Report — Nick Rainey & Friends in JORP’s ‘Johnny Ca$h Radio’ Video

QS (and Free Skate Mag!) favorite Nick Rainey starred in and masterminded a new video for his crew’s JORP imprint. Minus a few Chicago clips, the entire video is filmed in Detroit at the sort of spots that a U.K. skater would feel at home at. Perhaps that’s why there’s such a high affinity for Mr. Rainey’s work at Free HQ. Prop grate ingenuity, absolute dogshit asphalt (honestly, who thinks, “yeah, I’m gonna try and ollie into that“) and signs serving as micro-rollaways are the terrain at hand, while everything from Kingpin Skinny Pimp to classic rock radio standards soundtrack a good time from the new generation coming out of Detroit.

Every friends section from now on is required to mimic a movie studio logo animation like the one above. Those are the rules.

Shout out to every town’s local seven set. You know the one.

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