Is you rolling?

A bunch of random links for an early Monday afternoon.

Throwaway clip featuring many of the Flipmode usual suspects. Both of Black Dave’s tricks at Columbia are super official.

Apparently, someone in some bizarre marketing company buried in a midtown office building got too psyched, and decided that utilizing fingerboards to appeal to an extremely affluent 35+ consumer base was a good idea, because Hermes started making commercials with them. Either that, or skateboarding’s income brackets have really started to build up, and luxury brands are beginning to expand into creating SB lines. Will P. Rod or Eric Koston be the first to ride for Louis Vuitton?

Marquez and the Supremes 17, Max Fish 6.

Although you might be dismayed at the fact that you are watching maybe the eighth or ninth video edited to “Pretty Boy Swag” this year, “Sasha Grey Returns” is a skateboard video that claims to have more breasts than any other, so whatever redundancies in music choices are negligible. (Also, Quartersnacks is laying claim to being ahead of the curve *maybe not so much* on the whole “Pretty Boy Swag” thing. This website gets at least three daily visitors from people Googling “this. right here. is my. new Lambo.”)

What twelve-year-old decided it was necessary to use that much wax on the Big Two spot?

If you need some inspiration for the day, take a trip back to 1998 and watch Steve Olson’s part from Fulfill the Dream. This guy is an inspiration to kids who get dressed in the dark via a pile of clothes in their room everywhere, in addition to any psychopaths interested in jumping onto otherwise unfeasible handrails. Or those looking to roll off of rooftops onto wooden rails. The song has to be one of the best choices to ever grace a skate part as well.

Fake boobz + Ventures + a bloody toe. Yeah.

The “My fucking bush!” guy definitely never expected that keeping the video off YouTube would turn into a full-time job.

Quote of the Week:The guidettes out in Chicago are hard body.” – Boss Bauer

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