#TRENDWATCH2014: Preliminary Spring Report


Photo via The Local Weather. Is #normcore still a #thing?

Spring greeted us with a 54-degree day, a box and a barrier at the T.F. yesterday. However, a spring trend report seems silly before everyone has seen the Supreme video and adjusted accordingly. All of this stuff may be outdated by the end of next weekend, after “cherry” has been given time to marinate. This does not mean the developments discussed below are unimportant, only that they may be superseded by ones with longer staying power in the near future.

Light Ass Denim™

It’s no secret that anyone who looked chilled-as-shit on a skateboard during the #nineties indulged heavily in Light Ass Denim™ (LADs™.) For yet-to-be-uncovered reasons, the proceeding decade did not look upon denim — of any form or wash — as kindly. Sure, textile industry lobbyists who covertly unloaded a surplus of brown chino fabric to the only people who would buy already dirt-colored pants in the 2000s had *something* to do with it (See: Pappalardo, Anthony), but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Why has no research been done on why Fully Flared is the most denim-deficient skate video ever made?

The twenty-year resurgence period of LADs™ and their ties to prosperity has come like clockwork. Did you really think the parallels between LAD™-heavy footage output and subsequent S.O.T.Y. covers in 1993/1994 and 2013/2014 were a coincidence? Fashion goes in cycles, obvs.

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Lurkers 1 Screening This Thursday

On Thursday, July 28th at 8 PM, they will be showing the original Lurkers video from 2003 at Mollusk Surf Shop on the corner of Metropolitan Avenue and River Street in Williamsburg. It is meant to accompany a screening of a surf film called Sea of Joy, and will also include a few other videos Joe Cups and Sam had made throughout the years. It’s an outdoor environment that is open container friendly insofar as you’re not waving it at cops. There will be some a barbecue to go along with it as well.

The version of Lurkers being shown is the original version that was premiered after EST3 at KCDC back in 2003, and not the modified version that was a bonus feature on the second run of Lurkers 2 DVDs. This version was only available on VHS from Autumn and Supreme and is widely under-seen, especially among those of us who were fourteen when it came out. (No, it is not on YouTube.)

To get there, you can take the L to Bedford Avenue, skate south on Bedford until you hit Metropolitan, make a right, and take Metropolitan all the way west to River Street, right around where you’d hit the water. Map here.