Autumn in New York

Autumn the Season is not the same without Autumn the Skate Shop. Photo by Emilio Cuilan.

If you’re trying to get a black QS tee (sold out online), Supreme re-stocked them several days ago. There are less than a dozen white ones left in the web store, so pick one up before Rihanna wears one and they start going for $200 on the Bay.

Baker gave Los Angeles a flashback of April 1992. We’ve reached an age where riot police need to be called to subdue skaters unable to get into a video premiere.

Some more parts from the NJ-based Feelin’ Friendly video are now online. It’s been on Real’s YouTube page for a bit, but this dude Nico Magalhaes’ part is insane. Even if you’re typically not into grew-up-watching-Zero-videos skaters, it has at least five bonafide “OMG/WTF/HOLY SHIT” moments, including (spoiler alert) a 5050 on the Newark Penn Station Hilton wallride (it’s ~waist high), a cab back tail on the Trinity College ledge-to-bank, a kickflip crook on the Passaic bank-to-rail, and both frontside and backside 360s over the handrail and into the bank at the project spot in Rockaway. Eric Dermond’s part has a bit of a Quim Cardona vibe going on. Maybe it’s the headwear choices and olive chinos. Buy Feelin’ Friendly here.

There’s an official video from the Polar Skateboards “Bum Rush the Spot” event. It’s chill that Pontus Alv rocks gear from other European skateboard companies despite owning one himself. We’re all in the same gang.

The Skateboard Mag posted a Vicious Cycle-era Zered Bassett interview from issue #8 (2004?) online. P.S. QS Zered re-edit coming this week.

Some HD footage from the crew that brought you the Steady Lurking video.

While a bunch of pro skaters were in Newark for Street League this past August, Fred Gall showed the Strange Notes crew a side of town much different from the Prudential Center with Scum League.

We went ahead and switched the audio on Kevin Tierney’s Outdated part to “Scatman” and uploaded it to YouTube, so you don’t have to load two videos at once.

The G Man reviewed Cell Out, a Virginia-based skate video that stars Gilbert Crockett and is sponsored by DeWalt power tools.

Hey commenters, watch Jack Sabback’s Moving in Traffic part.

Quote of the Week: “Why the fuck is Rihanna taking a train to the airport.” — Roctakon

Cruiser prices may also soon skyrocket. Support your local skate site.

Another New York Video With the Word “Lurk” in the Title

Not to be confused with Lurkers. “Lurking” has fond associations around here.

Steady Lurking is a video by Mike Williams, mostly filmed in New York and outlying areas. You wouldn’t notice it if you spend any time at the Chinatown and Tribeca skateparks or 12th & A, but a lot of young kids still skate and film at actual “spots” in this city. It’s a good sign for whatever the next generation of New York-based skate videos turns out to be. (Sidebar: Cameras should be banned from every skatepark except Chelsea. iPhone/GoPro at 12th & A is okay…especially if you’re doing a longways ollie over the picnic table.) While we concluded that skaters are too happy being garbage to ever skate to “Tip Drill” on Twitter the other night, at least this video pays homage to two Ricks at the same time (any Rick James use is a x2 Rick homage), and solves the “Has anyone skated to ‘Mr. Sandman?'” question that any skaters who watched the 2012 NBA post-season asked themselves every time *that* damn commercial came on.

Fun video. Embedded below in two parts. Buy Tall Will a drink from the deli when you see him at Lenox.

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