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Still holding it down for all the tall tee wearers out there.

We’re going to be dropping another QS Since Day One remix in the next week, week-and-a-half. A New York skate site is going to try and make a San Francisco skate part (sorry, no KRS-One.) We’ll see how that one goes. Busenitz skated to a song that was in an older Baker video in Since Day One, plus him and Brandon Westgate are probably the only people who take pushes while doing lines down hills (always a plus), so a remix to his part seemed like a natural choice. (Taking a break from the trap rap this time around.) Expect some extra unseen b-side footage thrown in there.

Quick teaser below. (“A teaser for a part that already came out bro?!”) Previously: Ishod Wair SDO re-edit, Since Day One DVD extras re-edit.

On a completely unrelated note: Remember how this time, three years ago, Gucci Mane got out of jail, dropped The Writing on the Wall, and spent the next nine months making an undisputed case for “Best Rapper Alive” status circa 2009 until going back to jail (four or five times), and eventually getting an ice cream cone tattooed on his face, which may or may not have affected his overall rapping ability? It’s an embarrassing tragedy how this site has only used one song from The Writing on the Wall, and that entire tour de force of a 2009 as the soundtrack for a video clip. But yeah, Memorial Day weekend / “Start of Summer” clip up tomorrow morning, like Gucci Mane’s new mixtape. It won’t be as good as the one from 2009 (embedded below), also like Gucci Mane’s new mixtape.

Gucci Mane in 2009 > 2Pac + Mariano in Mouse + Frank Sinatra + Fabo of D4L.

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From New York to Oklahoma, we don’t care

Is this the greatest shirt to ever be featured in a Quartersnacks clip?

This was originally supposed to go online yesterday, but after falling into deep depression at around the 11:15 P.M. mark of a certain sporting event on Thursday night, Friday wasn’t the productive day the Quartersnacks office had envisioned. (To any Chicago readers: Has Scottie Pippen been temporarily banned from the city yet?) But life (barely) goes on, and enough emotional strength was gathered to put together our traditional beginning of summer / Memorial Day weekend montage. It features plenty of diamond plated ledges, long 5050s, a lot of 180s (both backside and frontside), a No Limit classic alongside its respective eastern remix, and even a Brengar cameo.

Features Josh Velez, Alex, Pad Dowd, Matthew Mooney, Galen Dekemper, Alexander Mosley, Billy Rohan, Dave Willis, Stephan Martinez, Kevin Tierney, Shawn Powers, and Ben Nazario.

(Alternate YouTube Link)

P.S. We don’t condone lying on dirty mattresses in SoHo so your friends could ollie over you.

P.P.S. Young Jeezy has a new mixtape out for Memorial Day weekend. Normally, this would get its own, dedicated post treatment, but he has been spending the past year recording Rick Ross bites (things have really changed, huh), so expectations for it aren’t as high as they were in the pre-Lex Luger/Fake Lex Luger beat and celebrity name as a hook era.