Can’t Believe The Olympic Committee Rejected Our Proposed Uniforms…

Today, Nike revealed the uniforms for what will be skateboarding’s first foray in the Olympics. It is with great sadness we inform you that they did not select Quartersnacks’ designs, instead opting for the Parra uniforms.

No longer bound by a non-disclosure agreement, we are able to share our rejected ideas with the world. In designing our proposed uniforms, we leaned heavily on skateboarding’s sartorial heritage — the outfits that adorned our most beloved “street athletes” as they were fighting for a place in the sporting world during the past 30-plus years. If you’ve been with us a long time, you may remember one of our Pulitzer Prize-winning piece on “The 30 Phattest Outfits in Skate Video History: 1992-2012.” This research naturally steered our inspiration.

We will be the first ones to admit that our My-First-Time-In-Photoshop renderings probably did us little favor with the International Olympic Committee, but we have long prided ourselves on storytelling, not our technical prowess.

Unfortunately, that was not enough.

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