Waka Flocka Lockout

Unable to continue his DuFlockaRant and Lebron Flocka James series due to NBA labor negotiations, Waka Flocka Flame is expected to release mixtapes honoring key NBPA figureheads. Billy Flocka Hunter will be the first release.

Three-minute long Bronze promo for Phil Rodriguez, set to the sounds of Mystic Stlyez-era Three 6 Mafia revisionist, Spaceghostpurp. Phil is the man best known for his inspirational work in the Caviar video. Until there is a team with both Mike Carroll and Rob Campbell on it, Bronze will remain to be the best team in skateboarding.

Miles Marquez attributed his reason for quitting skateboarding to watching Christian Willis skate in real life. (This is when the “I’m going to buy a bottle of Jack and drink it until I no longer care that I suck at skating” quote was uttered.) Here is a new part from Christian Willis. Hopefully, it has an adverse effect on you, and you don’t quit skateboarding.

Robbie Gangemi and Gino Iannucci were both simultaneously at 12th & A on Saturday. Photo by Eli Reed via Instagram.

Nolan Lee noticed that there was a rail running parallel to the Forbidden Banks, and managed to somehow ollie over it. In other Forbidden Banks news, there’s a guy next door who flashes a PBA pin in his wallet as if it was a badge, thinking people will be dumb enough to mistake him for a cop.

Thugs Vs Skateboarders At A Skatepark & Gun Shots Went Off!” The intelligent discussion in the comments of this video must be seen to be believed.

Apparently, there is a skatepark in Brower Park (the Crown Heights spot mentioned last week), which has received minimal coverage. This is the only picture of it that came up after an online search. Looks like a bunch of concrete boxes, but could be decent if you live in the area.

“David Stern. Damn, David Stern. Got to teach you about the ghetto, some things you should learn.” — Ron Artest

It’s beautiful outside. You should probably go skate.

Quote of the Week: “I’m just glad none of us left with pinkeye.” — The Legendary Moya, referring to a wild night at a gentlemen’s cabaret

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Does a Song of the Summer even matter if “Racks” is Song of the Year?

Before even coming outright and saying it, the QS Rap Desk knew it would inevitably defy all conventions barring slow jams from “S.O.T.S.” status, and vote for Kelly in that category come mid-September.

“2Pac Back,” “I’m a Boss,” and whatever other Rick Ross “B.M.F.” imitations will soon be forgotten. Nobody remembers what “Otis” is, either.

Photo by Ricardo Napoli for Whatit.be

Nolan Lee came to a similar acknowledgement, by skating to the “Motivation” instrumental in his latest Savage Urethane commercial. Thus, Kelly is responsible for him being able to manual like ten rickety garbage can containers that go down a hill.

However, all of this may be irrelevant, as “Racks” captured our hearts many months ago, extending its springtime crown into the summer. If you didn’t make enough money this summer, you simply didn’t listen to it enough.

“Racks” saved hip-hop.

“I remember when dinner depended on my fishing rod.”

Did Halloween happen yesterday or is it happening today?

Chris Christie is not the Governor of New Jersey. Fred Gall is. Largely because he is the only one willing to go into illicit portions of the state where the economy is sustained by PCP smoke and crack sales. The last spot in this welcome clip of him and Steve Durante for Orchard skate shop (out in Allston, Massachusetts) and Seasons skate shop (up in Albany) is one one of the more terrifying locations to skateboard at in the entire state. The nineties never ended there. Actually, they probably never even began.

Knives and Beer” is Pryce Holmes’ short video depiction of a camping trip that was filled with a lot of knives and many cans of beer.

Abada made this two-minute profile of Alex Duke many years ago. You can check out of some of his design work for Consolidated and other companies over here.

You know them dudes stylin’ in Osiris shoes.” #skateboardrap. (QS has already stated that it is a Nolan Lee-supporting enterprise.)

Someone mentioned this Andy Bautista Logic 6 part in last week’s EST post. And truly, it was a crucial video part to anyone who grew up skating around New Jersey. Even though a lot of it was filmed in Los Angeles, it is done so in the most east coast way imaginable. This is the era that still felt the effects of Osiris’ profoundly damaging Storm project (maybe the 5050 varial heelflip out on Pyramid Ledges was a form of Osiris-isms peeking out from the New-York-est trick ever: the frontside 5050 front shove out), and this dude is filming a crooked grind, kickflip on flat, and frontside 180 nosegrind line out in L.A. and still managing to make it look great. Very few short dudes have great style in skateboarding, but this guy definitely pulls it off. I might still have some poached footage of him doing nosegrind reverts at Hoboken Ledges on a DV tape buried in a shoebox somewhere. Features a German Nieves cameo, and quite literally, one of the most underrated nineties rap songs ever on the soundtrack. As someone who always complains about rap music, Spike Lee managed to have a handful of great rap songs in his movies.

You can see a quick slideshow from Halloween Hellraiser over here if you’re into that sort of thing. I bumped into Billy last night for a second, dressed up like he was in the Nation of Islam, and he goes, “Tyrone Biggums was there.” “What? there’s a kid who looks like Tyrone Biggums?” “No, the dude from Chapelle’s Show.” “Who, Dave Chapelle?” “No, Tyrone Biggums, the character.” I still don’t know what that means.

Oh, and Billy is on Twitter.

Around the time of last Halloween and the proceeding weeks, every individual involved with QS had this song on rotation for at least one-fifth of their day. It’s a shame these dudes suck now and one of them is off making songs about scarves with Kanye West. The song itself has not gotten any less relevant, or pertinent as go-to motivational music for any sort of emotionally taxing task.

Quote of the Week:If you see a hot girl in Barcelona, she’ll turn around and have dreads down her neck and a Star Trek tattoo on her face.” – Pryce Holmes

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Recent Happenings in the World of Footage


Quartersnacks Summer ’09 – The Ignorant Edit
This is essentially the same batch of tricks as the Michael Jackson tribute clip from several weeks ago, but an overwhelming amount of the “responsible” people I know denounced it as “racist” and “ignorant,” so it underwent some re-editing to pay tribute to the king of pop. Meanwhile, all the degenerates I know who spend their paychecks and/or other assets in Atlantic City deemed it “the best clip in years.” So here’s an off-shoot post in honor of their irresponsibility. I am also predicting an impending trend of editing to Gucci Mane in light of his recent skyrocketing in popularity with white people who found out about rap during their first year of college and deem it a necessary facet of their ironic persona, so if I’m correct, an overwhelming amount of Gucci Mane songs are bound to make their way into skate clip edits pretty soon a la the caucasian Dipset craze of 2005 and 2006. Which brings me to my next point…

“Me, Christina, and Gucci Mane, would do a threesome.”
Now I am sure that these girls have a greater degree of sincerity in their admiration of Radric Davis than the people who had the entire Belle and Sebastian discography memorized before they even knew who Jay-Z was, but this is the sort of thing that will inevitably propel his beyond brilliant musings into a category of material used by kids from the Hamptons to start companies specializing in ampersand tees and re-workings of the Ramones logo in accordance with what’s ironic for that given month.

Nolan Lee’s New Batch of Footage (Stolen from 48 Blocks)
Even though it’s a bit disheartening that a spot that’s been skated since the mid-90s needs to appear in two new videos before it becomes trendy enough for people to skate it, resulting in a demo at the Courthouse every weekend, in addition to some casualties, the ender in this clip is a display of heart to the fullest extent possible. Between the fall, and the fact that the actual landing looks like it was filmed on either a digi-photo cam or a handycam when the battery on the regular camera ran out (I could be wrong though), it’s one of the sickest tricks done this past year. The rest, especially the intro and the front 180 nosegrind over the Rector Street gap-to-bench, is great as well. Remember, “Greenhouse on Monday, The Ave on Tuesday, Marquee on Wednesday and Thursday, Greenhouse on Friday, Marquee on Saturday, and The Griffin on Sunday.”

Jimmy Marketti’s Spring 2006 Edit
Rob Campbell footage. I’m not mad at it.

Shawn Manson Powers
Word on Queens Boulevard is that a new Flipmode project is in the works, with an abridged cast to account for the fact that bits of the squad fell off after discovering cocaine. This clip is presumably a throwaway batch of footage, which is essentially three minutes of banching down hills and through the streets, and one of the better attempts at “skating spots that aren’t really spots” to be put out in recent history. The ollie into the bump to hill in Dumbo looks like a cat whisker thin evasion of death.

Stimulus Skateboards Summer 2009 Promo
I forgot that Stimulus was still around, but they are still alive and shredding through the best state in the union.

Quote of the Week:
Matthew Mooney: “I want to get a house in Central California.
Inquisitive Gentleman: “Ok, well, what the hell are you going to do for work in Central California?
Matthew Mooney: “I don’t know, horses and shit. Raise alligators. You know, exotic pets. And strawberries.