Don’t Tell ‘Em: QS Best of 2014

dj mustard

Not since the Neptunes has a single producer completely dominated every facet of musical life the way Mustard has these past 12-24 months. It felt only right that our annual recycled footage wrap-up acknowledge his works of one-key brilliance. It probably isn’t sustainable long-term, but thank you Dijon, for a very enjoyable 2014.

…and yeah, had to edit it to one non-Dijon exception. 2014 will without a doubt be remembered as Mustard’s year — even Drake seemed less relevant by comparison — but there was one tune that cut through all the yellow, and got right to the heart of all our problems. It even helped you forget that it was sung by a total piece of shit, at least for a few minutes. Shouts out to T-Bird for help on da mix.

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mustard tweet

Have a good weekend. Shouldn’t be too hard.

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