‘PIECED’ by Tanner Diamond

We first caught Tanner Diamond‘s atmospheric videos with “OTIS” back in early 2021, when the city’s streets were still gutted out for skateboarders to do whatever they wanted. Last winter’s “TREAD” built on that momentum, and today, we’re honored to present “PIECED,” Tanner’s latest.

Every approach to skateboarding in New York and documenting it is obviously beautiful, but Tanner’s videos tap into the timelessness of hacking the algorithm of the city’s plazas — whether its a nondescript slab of marble just barely out of view from security, or the eight set in front of the Met that’s been skated for as long as people have been able to huck down eights. There’s no gravitation to summer hot spots, just a see-what-works approach that often feels more effective at night with a camera light. They do make it out to Paris and San Juan this time though ✈️

Whether you’re the same age as these dudes or swamped with life shit and only able to skate once a week, it’s not hard to recognize a glimmer of your own skate crew’s best days watching these videos.

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Midtown 4Ever — Tanner Diamond’s ‘OTIS’ Video

The bountiful approaches to riding a skateboard in New York — from digging for an untapped morsel of crust and rub-bricking it, to never leaving Blue Park — will ebb and flow in popularity as time wears on. A few laid off security guards or a mere propped tile are capable of creating a sea change in the culture.

But through all those changes, there has been one constant, and that’s midtown footage. Dig as far back as the 1980s, and you’ll see people skating down that very same 47th Street hill beside the FedEx building that the dudes in Tanner Diamond‘s great new “OTIS” montage are.

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