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lil stevi

No clue who took this photo, sorry :( Photo by Adam Wallacavage

Nieratko goes back to Love Park and City Hall (now reconstructed) with Stevie Williams for the latest “Skaters in Cars Looking at Spots” installment.

Damn, someone tell this dude to learn how to skate.

Skateboard Story has a cool interview with James from Labor about the insane prospect of starting a skate shop in New York.

No Ray Barbee, but the 12-minute version of Propeller is pretty good.

TWS has a quick proof sheet photo feature with the bro Mike Heikkila.

Lurk NYC went HD.

Philadelphia’s Sabotage crew didn’t go HD.

Did you ever think there was ANY chance they wouldn’t knob the shit out of what was temporarily the best new spot in midtown? The mini hubba ledges over the stairs are all still good to go as of this weekend, but expect those to get capped next. There’s also more outdoor security than when it first opened, so…

A recap of this past weekend’s Bobshirt show in six seconds.

Here’s the lookbook for the upcoming Bronze and Huf collaboration.

Damn, when’s the last time you bumped some Muska Beatz?

“Mike Vallely alternately over the past 30 years has functioned as the hot-shoe am; deck-shape innovator; Steve Rocco cohort and nemesis in turns; launcher of at least six different board companies; slam poet; pro wrestler; pro hockey player; three-time rider for George Powell; vegan advocate; maniacal tourer; ‘Beef’-style DVD star and vicarious defender of skate honour; Black Flag manager; Black Flag singer; titular performer in Mike V and the Rats; founding father of Revolution Mother; supporting actor to Paul Blart; podcaster; and more recently, streetstyle helmet-endorser.” …damn, and y’all thought Alex Olson wore many hats ;)

Yo shout out to Jersey City.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: 6′ 10 writer pretends he got drafted by the Utah Jazz last Thursday night, takes selfies, makes it onto the floor of the ceremony, and then hooks up with some chicks. He get into 1OAK though?

Quote of the Week: “I hate how phone cases feel. It’s like wearing a condom. Why would you do that?” — [Name Withheld]

Gucci Mane actually still top five dead or alive (ok, maybe top eight.)

“Catch Me Today With a Canon or a Kodak, ‘Cause By Tomorrow, Yesterday Gonna Be a Throwback”

Every once in a while, we need to acknowledge the fact that we aren’t the center of the universe, and woodpushing, as an artform, a hobby, or just a mere thing you do when you’re not sniffing blow off the toilet seat in some L.E.S bar, extends beyond fall-off lists, injury lists, and the like. But we can’t drift too far off and acknowledge a scene outside of the few dozen square miles radiating from my desk, so here’s a new photo bag, dripping wet with golden-day New York City nostalgia. (In other words, most of the spots in the photos aren’t around anymore, or exist in different incarnations).

And before I put myself on the fall-off list, given that I try to throw up at least two updates a week, I got school shit, a meth addiction, and several money-making related projects (I need mine $$$) to distract me from providing you this wonderful website at no cost. As far as 99.5% of the rest of the skateboarding-revolving-internet goes, I got a better update ratio than them, so get off my..

Quote of the Week:You guys are the most disorganized idiots I know.” – Alex Dymond.

If anyone has photos or knows of a hipster photoblog with photos from the abandoned house party on Grand Street & Mulberry last Saturday, please let us know. Either e-mail info@quartersnacks or post a link in the comments. I’ll send you some shit lying around Quarter Snacks international headquarters if the photos are good. Edit: Seriously, out of all you geeks that pretend to skate and go on here to stay up with the time, and own digital cameras, how is this report the only coverage I’ve seen online.

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