Construction on the Tompkins Pavement Is Set To Begin on September 1

Update — September 29: Construction is now set to begin on October 16.

Update — September 20: Construction is set to begin on October 2nd now.

Update – August 31: Construction is now set to begin in mid-November instead.

We reported on this back in September 2022 after Community Board 3 held a meeting announcing the approved changes to the Tompkins Square Park baseball diamond, but there is now a date on it.

As per a Parks Department source, the construction is set to begin on September 1, 2023, with the process expected to last three months: two for construction, and another for asphalt to cure.

A diagram of how the new version of the park is expected to look is below:

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That’s A Crazy One


Imagery from New York skateboarding’s most romanticized decade is finite. The city spent half of the nineties without an industry, so all the existing artifacts have been reblogged, reposted and #TBT-ed a million times — Zoo, Kids, Ari Marcopoulos’ Metropolitan ads, a couple early 411 or Transworld montages, and then it runs scarce.

What does remain is people’s private collections (e.g. you may remember the homemade SkateNYC videos that made their way online back in 2011.) High and Mel Stones are two girls who grew up alongside many of the names you’d immediately associate with that era of skateboarding in New York, touting a camera from their respective school photography programs along with them. After posting outtakes on their Instagram over the past year, they are releasing a book of personal photographs from those years to celebrate the lifelong friendships they created in that time. We asked Mel to caption some of those images. The book can be purchased on, and all proceeds will be donated to the photo department at Lincoln High School in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.

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