Weekend Viewing: Cyrus Bennett in Mama’s Boys

cyrus noseblunt


The crew behind Mama’s Boys finally concluded uploading parts from the video, though it feels like they might’ve left out one of the ~eight “Friends” sections. (Long skate videos would benefit the “No New Friends” mantra being repeated on urban radio waves by the Canadian rapper.) The latest upload is Cyrus’ section, the final and best one in the video, and one of the sickest parts you’ll see all year.

Those of us who only skate flat and ledges suck (i.e. hate skating in Brooklyn) continue to have a case for the difficulty of skateboarding in New York, but anyone with a wallie or cellar door gene, who still complains about how tough it is to be productive out here, really gets put to shame with this part. The entire thing is filmed in Brooklyn — save a trip to Black Hubba to ride out an almost-vertical frontside noseblunt through the kink, and maybe two or three other tricks. The ender at the brick Long Island University steps on Flatbush (same spot as Ian Reid’s ender in Lurkers 2, though he used it as a manual pad) is absolutely insane. The best enders aren’t necessarily some NBD tech dance or the gnarliest handrail; more often than not, skating a mundane spot in the most unexpected and difficult way is what stands out above all.

Previously: Cyrus Bennett in Faux One One (this part is technically newer than the Mama’s Boys part), Cyrus Bennett in Space Heater

To all those who purchased something from the web store: First off, thank you. The volume of orders was slightly higher than expected, so it’s going to take a few days to get everything processed with the weekend is in front of us. If you ordered something on Thursday, you should receive a shipping confirmation e-mail by Tuesday night at the latest (some of you have already received them.) The e-mail will go to the address associated with your Paypal account / what you used at checkout.

Godspeed, Chrome Ball. Thanks for everything.



Check out this clip of Tony Durao, undoubtedly one of the most talented young skaters out east right now, skating the Nike Go Skate Day barge from last weekend. Tony’s new web part will go live on QS next Monday, July 8. It’s insane.

Not as exciting (unlike the kids, we can only skate every few days, hence the #skateverydamnday hashtag’s appropriation for the socialite 21-and-over crowd), but here’s the forty seconds of footage we were able to procure in a few hours of skating on the barge. Mainly posting this because it includes Corey Rubin sightings and those are hard to come by outside of John Wilson-produced videos. There are rumors going around about the obstacles from that park getting donated somewhere, which would be nice considering it’s better than the Tribeca Park.

Wow, Chrome Ball is shutting down :(

In brighter news, Chrome Ball has a sick new post from the weekend dedicated to the art of curb skating, though people really need to relax with assuming everything young people do now is done for the sake of “hipster 80s throwback irony.”

Never saw this when it came out in 2012 — Sneeze magazine interviews Chad Muska about his first board graphic, providing some interesting details on how the skate industry works, specifically how a board gets made and printed.

An iPhone clip from the crew behind the \m/ video. There’s also discussion about art, influences and human nature in the comments for this non-iPhone clip from the same squad.

They started uploading more parts from Mama’s Boys on YouTube. Only sixty left.

Some B-roll from the great In Crust We Trust video. (Full video here.)

Boil the Ocean discusses the value of powerslides in 2013 and contends that Adidas web clips are the new Transworld videos.

Speaking of Adidas web clips, with their latest Madrid venture, Rodrigo TX joins some lofty company in the running for best fakie flip ever done, likely somewhere between Kalis at Newport (the undebatable #1 on this list) and Jerry Hsu at Three Up Three Down (the less-fashionable SF one.) Fakie flips are a big topic around here.

“Stop it, we give McDonalds hundreds every day.”

Someone made this.

Quote of the Week: “Coming back to New York is like getting out of jail.” — Billy Rohan. Right, because where else does this happen?

The Knicks are stupid, but what else is new?

Weekend Viewing: Loose Trucks Max in Mama’s Boys


Gap to backside 5050 on Washington Street — Photo by Jordan Zuppa

Aaron Randi and Sean Dahlberg, the creators of Mama’s Boys, had been uploading sections from the video online, but seemed to have slowed up before getting around to Max Palmer’s part. Here it is in all its pivot cup-less glory. Has there ever been a video part, aside from maybe that batch of Jake Johnson footage Brengar shot in 2007, where the skater was in more desperate need of new pants? It’s not even due to any sort of pant biases (e.g. people mostly on message boards who vehemently oppose high waters, DGK jeans, etc.), but just because he really needs a new pair. The link to buy a download of Mama’s Boys is no longer working, so that means the new pants for Max fund is also no more. It also means you’ll have to wait until they start uploading parts on YouTube again to see Cyrus Bennett’s part.

The whole part is sick, but the line where he skates half a block through Flatbush traffic to do a 360 flip is particularly great. Have a good weekend.

Previously: Max’s part in Whassamattayou

P.S. Check out the Bum Rush the Spot event going on this weekend.

Probably Up In Follies With Jeezy & Cam Newton

riri qs

Shine bright like a Fudge Round

We’ve been fans of Christian Willis’ skating for a while now. After what seems like a bit of a hiatus, he’s back taller and with a sick new video part. Why a legitimate company hasn’t given this kid a chance is absurd. Him and Forrest Edwards should be getting checks for skating.

As you may already know, London’s Southbank is facing an uncertain future. There’s a new six-minute montage paying tribute to the spot, featuring every London-based skater you can think of. Huck wrote a somewhat level-headed appraisal of the situation, which doesn’t seem likely to favor preservation of the spot as it stands. But it’s a bit stupid to say “The British skate media is secretly tired of Southbank’s status as the UK’s EMB,” considering skate spots with multi-decade spanning histories are becoming increasingly rare with each passing year.

The inaugural entry to 2013’s “Summer Trip to New York” cycle?! Part 1, Part 2.

AM New York has a new clip with Ariel Perl shredding around Boston and New York.

Ripped Laces contends that Austyn Gillette will inevitably skate for Converse.

Zered Bassett already rides for Converse and has some photos with a new interview about a recent Cons Hawaii trip over on the Transworld site.

The new LurkNYC video, CCTV, is premiering at 44 Troutman Street in Brooklyn this Saturday, May 18. J train to Myrtle-Broadway. 10 P.M. Flyer here, teaser here.

Still mad street.

There’s another part from Mama’s Boys on YouTube now.

An interview with the Mira Conyo crew about skateboarding in Washington Heights.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Either Iman Thug’s Game 2 putback or Nate Robinson’s block on Lebron.

Quote of the Week:

rogers quote of the week

Didn’t Mark Suciu film more parts last year than Rogers did in his entire career?

Cam rapped over the Golden Girls theme and the new Waka mixtape is pretty good because it doesn’t sound like every other tape he released in the past three years.

The Place Beyond the T.F.

tity boy svu

Tity Boy S.V.U. 2 Chainz and Detective Benson are dating.

A few new QS tees are coming out this week.

Check the outtakes from Lurker Lou’s Williamsburg Monument spot check, one of the highlights of the new Iron Claw video, Faux One One.

Magenta parodies are like a “thing” now, huh? “Shmagenta Welcomes Jacque Lally” comes one month after Dimestore’s entry. Great music supervision. #trendwatch2013

ICYMIHopps’ spring commercial is great, just like everything else associated with that company. Not mad at T.F. West night lines either.

Tape is a new video from the crew that made Be Pretty, edited to nineties late night rap radio freestyles as a homage to a certain Zoo York video. One would hope that a sequel set to Clue freestyles has been discussed.

Here’s the Yaje Popson and friends section from the Mama’s Boys video.

Two teasers for upcoming New York-based videos: CCTV by Nick vonWerssowetz (LurkNYC) and Tengu by Colin Read (Mandible Claw.)

Kevin Tierney put together a Tompkins montage from the short-lived Labor box era. (Wait, is four weeks not really “short-lived” in T.F. time?)

Some background info on 43 Magazine and the now-notorious subway ollie photo.

Even Bon Appetit magazine knows that the $3.50 bodega egg and cheese sandwich is one of the best things about New York. How every other city fails miserably at this simple recipe continues to be a mystery.

“Backstreet Atlas,” the short film about two guys skating from Boston to New York, is premiering at the Jane Hotel on Thursday, April 18 at 8 P.M. Flyer here. Teaser here.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Durant hasn’t been on here all year, so why not?

Quote of the Week: “Daft Punk making an album with no samples is like Stevie Williams filming a transition part.” — Roctakon