Weekend Viewing: Loose Trucks Max in Mama’s Boys


Gap to backside 5050 on Washington Street — Photo by Jordan Zuppa

Aaron Randi and Sean Dahlberg, the creators of Mama’s Boys, had been uploading sections from the video online, but seemed to have slowed up before getting around to Max Palmer’s part. Here it is in all its pivot cup-less glory. Has there ever been a video part, aside from maybe that batch of Jake Johnson footage Brengar shot in 2007, where the skater was in more desperate need of new pants? It’s not even due to any sort of pant biases (e.g. people mostly on message boards who vehemently oppose high waters, DGK jeans, etc.), but just because he really needs a new pair. The link to buy a download of Mama’s Boys is no longer working, so that means the new pants for Max fund is also no more. It also means you’ll have to wait until they start uploading parts on YouTube again to see Cyrus Bennett’s part.

The whole part is sick, but the line where he skates half a block through Flatbush traffic to do a 360 flip is particularly great. Have a good weekend.

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P.S. Check out the Bum Rush the Spot event going on this weekend.


  1. Hell yeah, Can’t wait for that Cyrus Bennet….Wish they would fix that download link or make hard copies or something, fuck

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