Round Three — Tyshawn Jones’ King Skateboards Part

The third act of Tyshawn’s run to be the third dude to ever win S.O.T.Y. twice (the only other two being Danny Way in 1991 and 2004 + Chris Cole 2005 and 2009) went live today, this time for his new brand, King Skateboards.

Whether you’re clocking the S.O.T.Y. race like that or not, you gotta appreciate the second midtown 360 flip this week done over something that otherwise has an A.B.D. scroll you can count on one hand: here over the rail on 33rd and 3rd, and in Play Dead on the Brick 9 gap, which might’ve only been ollied altogether.

Shout out to skating to Jay-Z in the part that dropped on Monday, and “Ether” in a part that dropped on Friday. Life’s all about keeping a balance.

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