An Arm & a Leg & a Monday Link

Jesse Alba made a bro cam edit from a trip to London with Cyrus, Diego Todd + some cameos from the Atlantic Drift dudes.

Alex Olson explains why Mike Carroll is the best for eight minutes.

Naquan uploaded a five-minute “remix” of Gang Corp’s Black Business video, though it feels like a solid chunk of those clips weren’t in the original video.

A wider net for skate interviews this past week than the typical guys talking about their first sponsor type of thing — 1) The Wall Street Journal interviewed Beatrice Domond. There’s a pay-wall involved, but it seems like they let you rock on one free article. 2) “I just really like New York.” Elissa Steamer interviewed Alexis Sablone for Thrasher. 3) Skateism interviewed Forrest Kirby, in what I believe is his first interview since he publicly came out last year.

“Are we already in the Matrix?” Skate Jawn interviewed Jawn Gardner about astrology, the afterlife and time travel + they also have a quick one with Kyota that includes some rad photos.

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R.I.P. Linsanity A.K.A. “Those Two Weeks in February”

Well, those two weeks this past winter were fun, huh? Here’s something smart that someone wrote in light of this endlessly discussed issue:

“If you are a Knicks fan who hasn’t turned on your team already, you might as well wait until the third year of Jeremy Lin’s contract to find out if he is a star or an oft-injured salary cap albatross who never matched his first-year production. Linsanity could end up being a cultural reference that is on the same level as Crystal Pepsi, pogs, or the Bash Brothers. It’s not like Mike Woodson was really going to figure out the Knicks offense anyways. Knicks fans already have to face the fact that the Nuggets have a better record since the Carmelo trade, even though they are happy to forget as they watch him play hero ball during an exciting Sunday-afternoon game. The Brooklyn Nets are just as annoying as the Knicks when it comes to operating as a wannabe superstar destination that doesn’t have enough flexibility to build a complete team, so Knicks fans might as well stay put and hope Amar’e finally has the career-ending injury that fulfills his destiny as the Most Injury-Prone Man Alive and wipes his contract off the books.”

Want to read another smart paragraph that rationally dwells on the irrationality of this whole thing? By a WOMAN, nonetheless! Here:

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Let You Have It Behind a Raiders Starter Jacket

Lil’ Boosie was found not guilty on Friday. He’s still serving a maximum sentence of eight years for unrelated charges. DGB says his people claim he’ll be out in 12-18 months. Thankfully, he’s one dude who we don’t have to worry about signing to some garbage rap conglomerate when he gets out.

It would be great if The New York Times never ever ever wrote about skateboarding again. (This article from 2004 was cool though.)

Frozen in Carbonite dwells on parallels between soldiers and skaters, whether or not Jimmy Darmody from Boardwalk Empire would’ve skated in mid-’10s central Jersey, Heller’s Catch 22, the prospect of banging nurses on some Italian beach during WWII, an A-Team resurgence, Katy Perry, and other stuff.

The Feelin’ Friendly video premieres at House of Vans this Thursday, May 17th, at 9 P.M. Flyer here, trailer here, throwaway clip with a 2 Chainz verse here.

World renown partyboy skater, Torey Goodall, has some footage in this clip of a Huf Footwear trip to Montreal.

This ramp on Craigslist definitely looks like a steal for $100.

Here’s Dan Carreiro’s part from the KCDC video. More tranny-based than the others. Link to Pierce’s part here, and the rest of the parts here, so it’s all pretty much online.

Skateboarders love Big L so much, that he’s the only rapper whose radio freestyles they’ll use for video part songs.

Not only did they knob the Up Rails on the west side, but they found another effective skateboard deterrent for the spot by throwing horse shit in front of it. Horse Shit: Cheaper Than Installing Knobs & Twice As Effective.

Jeremy Lin is on a familiar downward slope of New York life, which may eventually spit him out as a bar-back at Dark Room or something.

Speaking of Starter jackets (and Asians and the Knicks), Ping from Seinfeld (the Chinese delivery guy) has an ill Knicks one.

Quote of the Week:

You ever did a little dirt and it came back a little worse?

Catching Up

East 2nd Street & Avenue A, across from the original Autumn location. Thanks to Kyle for the photo. The Astronaut Status birds are a nice touch.

Here are a few things that surfaced in the past two weeks. China didn’t have YouTube or Vimeo, and 90% of the skate-related portion of the internet involves those two sites. Sorry if you’re seeing week-old content, bro.

Sweet Paradise, a once crucial corner of the constantly-declining Barmuda Triangle, is slated to close for good in the near-future. Grab a drink in it’s current dilapidated state, and share stories with some friends. Thanks for the memories, and all the free drinks. Thanks for hosting Galen and Danny’s birthday three years in a row. Thanks for hosting the Danny Weiss Dis-Own-A-Thon. One less place for girls to get a skater boyfriend.

Darren Harper on being “The Obama of Skateboarding,” friends borrowing bullets, partying with Paris Hilton, and the Manny Mania incident.

A weekend in New York edit sent in by a reader. Includes a soundtrack by French Montana (who’s destined to get mauled by a bear for karma reasons), and Jeremy Lin inspired titles.

A 14-second Mighty Healthy commercial featuring Gino Iaanucci, and a 60-second Venture commercial featuring Danny Falla and Silvester Eduardo.

Turns out that the so-bad-it’s-good “masterpiece” ABC Skateshop video from 2000, Remedy, has been online for the past year. Though it’s awful in a variety of ways (what other video dedicates a part to harassing NYU students?), it is still a nice glimpse into what New York skating looked and felt like twelve years ago. Fun watch if you’re bored, feeling nostalgic, and at least six beers deep.

Everyone has seen these Bill Eppridge photos of New York skateboarding in the 1960s for Life magazine, but not enough attention has been given to this particular photo. Proof that time travel exists, or merely Shawn Powers’ extra futuristicly swagged out great uncle?

A story came out yesterday stating that Max B’s appeal was denied, meaning he would remain in jail until at least 2042. Mr. Montana placed a called to Mr. Wingate to confirm that this is all false, and insisted that a court date was imminent.

“Brief thoughts on the 2012 XXL Freshman list — Fuck that shit, doggie — we ova here takin’ screen grabs of that bird in the floral frock wot looked like a sarcastic Brandy from the ‘Feel So Good’ video tonight instead.”

Quote of the Week: “I just realized how sick it is that Brian Anderson skated to a Muska Beatz song in Modus.” — Alex Olson

Back in the U.S. China was tight. Updates resume as normal.

The Day Skateboarding’s Holiest Annual Tradition Was Corrupted

It’s interesting how quick the consensus on this year’s One in a Million changed. In less than a week, it went from “These kids are all boring, have no personality, and say ‘like’ a lot,” to “I can’t believe they eliminated my favorite skater in the whole thing! Slap is a joke! Lurker Lou sucks!” and a YouTube like v.s. dislike ratio typically reserved for J. Cassanova videos (shout out to RE1000.) In other words, “Damn there are no dickheads this year…I miss Forrest,” to “Lurker Lou is such a dickhead! I’m gonna go hit the thumbs down button on all his video parts!”

Knowing next to nothing about reality shows (shout out to Jersey City), it still wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume there are thousands of heated arguments on YouTube pages of America’s favorite reality stars getting axed too early or unfairly. It’d also be fair to assume most reality show producers judge the success of their shows based on how much people debate their outcomes. Go look at the YouTube page for the latest episode of OIAM to see how that’s turning out. Pretty sure its view count has been significantly bolstered by people returning to argue about stupid shit. Everyone debating the sanctity of a reality show sponsored by Mountain Dew needs to relax.

After you’ve taken a deep breath, and come to terms with the fact that skateboard reality shows and the fates of a dozen kids who got an all-expense-paid trip to New York and free product are not that serious, watch the clip below. It’s a bunch of street footage from some of the One in a Million kids, filmed mostly downtown. That kid Matt Militano, who’s life might be forever scarred because he was eliminated from One in a Million, has a lot of sick stuff. He skates a bit like Stefan Janoski, but with a weirder trick selection.

[ATTN: People afraid of sports, the clip below has actual skateboarding in it. Don’t be dissuaded by the thumbnail.]

It’s edited to the sounds of Allan Houston’s game-winning play from the 1999 playoffs. With the Knicks on track to being the 8th seed this season, we could definitely go for a bit of history repeating itself. Now, we can talk about reality shows, or Jeremy Lin…Let’s focus on Jeremy Lin for now.

P.S. You should watch a Lurker Lou part before complaining on the internet about how he sucks at skating.