Money on the Floor, Lighters on the Dresser

Billy McFeely – Frontside Bluntside – Photo by Brian Kelley

BLACK DONALD TRUMP will be performing at TBD Lounge tonight for a 40 Oz. Van party. Located at 15 Gold Street in the Financial District. It says 9 to 4 on the flyer, so who knows when Dave is actually supposed to go on. Flyer here.

Speaking of Dave (and rap): him, Taji, and Leo are all in some Russian rap video.

Two weeks late, but in case you missed it, Boil the Ocean offers some interesting commentary on the increasingly popular VHS revisionist trend (i.e. “Why can’t VHS be the new Super-8?”) apparent in many of today’s skate videos produced by people over 21. Some of these projects are cool, but this is the sort of thing that quickly becomes annoying once too many people jump on the bandwagon.

PFP2: See You Lazer is a local-based video featuring some 2nd Nature affiliates. Teaser here. It has a few painful-looking slams, so you may not want to watch if you’re about to leave the house to skate…

Here’s a Philly, D.C., and Baltimore based digi cam clip, which includes key scenes from Paid in Full, key tracks from Supreme Clientele, and key points of Roscoe “Imma Sip Moscato” Dash’s underrated influence in youth culture. They rock QS tees, so there’s another plus.

Solid interview with QS-bro-homie-4-life, Christian Banks. It’s not at all about skateboarding, but a good read for anyone that enjoys making music.

Spot Updates: 1) Not a popular spot, but the two up-and-over walls across from Columbus Circle that Shawn Powers skates at the start of this clip had their run ups re-paved. It’s a cool looking spot that mellows out late at night, so you should film some stuff on it. 2) Ziegfeld, still over-doing it, seven months after disaster struck. 3) This may be late, since the drunken Jane-to-Le Bain stroll is not as popular as it was this time last year, but the mega curb between the two (that Dan Zvereff somehow nollie back 180 heel nosegrinded in a line), is gone.

Holmes & Co. in Jersey City is currently selling the greatest tee shirt of all time for $15. Quantities are limited. Photo by Jason Lecras.

Quote of the Week: [In reference to the aforementioned shirt] “Who is that? Wait…is that Rick Howard? And who’s he with, a lesbian?” — Fred Gall

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‘First QS Wedding’ Links

(This photo was taken with an iPhone off the LCD of a 7D)

Congratulations to Ben and Jessica on their marriage. All the best for the future. (Somewhat related: Limited edition, 1 of 1 Quartersnacks bachelor party tee shirt.)

Things got slowed down last week since the C.E.O. was getting married, but not much happened on the internet in a skateboard realm, as most of the contents below cite points of interest from Hella Clips. However, Cameron Giles continued to ask the questions that pervade our existence in “What type of ass is that?”

A compilation of Quim Cardona footage from the past two years, edited to Marvin Gaye. Quim remains to be the only person who could make heelflip body varials look good, and somehow successfully do wallrides on the Newark Ferry Street banks without help from plywood or metal signs at the bottom.

Domestics and Holmes skateshop demo at the Rink on 8th and Brunswick in Jersey City. Saturday, October 15th at 3 P.M. “Yes, Fred Gall will be there.”

I can see F. Scott Fitzgerald skating through high school, then quitting to focus on a career as a socialite/alcoholic.”

Vert is Dead did a week-long retrospective of Rookie ads. For those who don’t know, Rookie was a late-90s/early-2000s, NYC-based skateboard company that sponsored the likes of Sean Kelling, Tino Razo, Jamie Reyes, and others. Spotted via NY Skateboarding.

Alex Dymond, the first Quartersnacks affiliate to get a GQ feature. Galen Dekemper interview in Purple Magazine up next.

Summer 2011 GoPro clip from Adam Abada.

(P.S. If you’re visiting from out of town / don’t know what they hell you’re doing, it’s probably not the best idea to go looking for that Crown Heights basketball court spot with the green gap ledges and plastic benches. Don’t be surprised if there’s a news story about some skateboarder from Florida or France getting shot there by the end of the year.)

Theotis reviews the Bronx homie George Milanes’ sponsor me tape. George has been killing it for years, good to see that Theotis and Atiba showed him some love. Dude has definitely been progressing with every bit of footage that he puts out. (Three Up Three Down is misidentified as being in Barcelona…BEST SPOT IN NEW YORK.)

Quote of the Week (Since we’re on the topic of Three Up Three Down)
Alexander Mosley: “This thing is like a 2 1/2 up, 2 4/5ths down.”
Roctakon: “Don’t ever disrespect this spot.”

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A Year of Holmes & Co.

Jersey Mane…he walk up in the club and his chain say “goodnight!” — Photo by Jason Lecras

When you make Jersey Dave a promise to post a video clip, you keep it. Otherwise, it results in years of bad luck, as he has strange, karma-altering powers that we will never understand. This promo was filmed and edited by Justin White (with a select few contributors) to honor Jersey City’s finest skateboard sales institution, Holmes & Co., and its first full year of existence. They are located on 203 Brunswick Street in Jersey City (201 332 3322 /, so you should definitley stop by sometime if you need a new skateboard or some fresh Polo gear for a big Friday night of popping bottles with Jersey Mane himself.

Features: Brett Abramsky, Keith Denley, Fred Gall, Alex Davis, Ty Lyons, Josh Velez, Dan V, Scotty Moore, Steve Durante, Jersey Dave, Josh Wilson, Sean Colello, German Nieves, Richie Rizzo, David Brancato, Jim Hodgson, Mike Lent, Matt Daniels, Adrian Vega, Taylor Maerker, Justin White, Tariq, Matt Christie, Aiden Granstrand, Brendan Granstrand, Joe Russo, Darren Baskinger, Dan Zvereff, Alex Olkuski, Luke Malaney, Mike Marks, Jason Lecras, Chase Whitaker, and Paul Young

Filmed by: Justin White, Paul Young, Andrew Petillo, J.P. Blair, and Tombo

Full length video (allegedly) coming soon. Alternate YouTube link.

Timberland hoody with the Lucky Charms on the back

Brian Clarke – Backside Noseblunt in Battery Park. Photo by Joe Monteleone.

Holmes & Co., Jersey City’s finest skateboard and vintage menswear shop, will be hosting a one-year anniversary event on Friday, April 1st. This will coincide with a screening of A Year of Holmes, a short skate video by video-maker extraordinaire, Justin White. 8PM-10PM. Complimentary beer and Yoo-Hoo will be served. 203 Brunswick Street, between 7th and 8th Streets. Take the Path train to Grove Street, head west on Newark Avenue for about six or seven blocks until you hit Brunswick Street, and make a right. Jersey Dave is reportedly showing up in drag after losing a bet. Flyer here.

This has apparently been the case for a minute, but the Parks Department installed a fence around the back perimeter of the basketball courts at Vernon-Jackson. You can still skate most of the spot, except the ledges from the side path that drop down into the court.

Skateboarding in Philly never “died.” Skateboarding in Center City died (with a few exceptions.) Even though it has made several rounds on the internet this week, this Stop Fakin’ 2 promo is proof of that. There’s still a ton of stuff out there if you have the right people to take you around, or you don’t mind skating over planters.

Solid New Jersey and outlying area clip from Kevin Winters. Skaters love timelapses like Mexicans love Morrissey.

File under “Dude, I like, saw this already” — Joey Pepper: The Video Part That Should Have Been. Features all of the footage from Expedition’s Madness promo, a lot of extras, and a lot of high fives. Skaters love high fives like white people love Wu-Tang.

Vu Skateshop mini-ramp clip, with a lot of Daewon-channeling maneuvers. Noseblunt stall nollie front foot flip out?

If you’re into Jason Dill’s non-skateboarding related endeavors, here’s a preview of his collaboration with the Fuck This Life ‘zine.

You really have to give it up to this old video of Dipset at the Source Awards for its uncompromising artistic pursuit at bodega set design. (This is what the block actually looks like.) The absolute pinnacle of Dipset’s existence. Cam still kills it, but it makes you wish the rest of them stuck to the musical sensibilities that coincide with 5XL sweatpants.

Quote of the Week:I think it’s okay to make fun of the brown pants skaters…you have to bust their balls a little bit.” — Roctakon

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