‘I Don’t Know What To Do Man’ — Drop Offs Volume 4


Photo via Chachi

After Wednesday’s highly #controversial interview, it felt necessary for us to return to what we do best — and this is, of course, what a noted magazine publisher once described as “random, insignificant, or unimpressive skating” :)

Below are all the outtakes that got left over from spring via the “Start of Summer” clip, plus a few clips from the winter. Chief Keith, Puerto Rico, Houston Street construction (obviously), long 5050s, Alexander Olson doing a number of exceptional backside kickflips, midtown evenings, and of course, the star of all “Drop Offs” installments, Matthew Perez (depicted above.)

There’s oddly less talking than usual, and if you need some tunes for viewing, any number of Fetty Wap sleepers should get you through the weekend, if not the entire summer. Have a good one.

P.S. The Go Skate Day set-up at Tompkins is crazy.

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