Iron Claw Skates: Faux One One VM #1

lou texas

While we lament the demise of’s 411 collection and impatiently wait for Skateboarder‘s archive to fill out, the Iron Claw crew took it upon themselves to begin producing new issues of the seminal video magazine.

Contrary to the opinions of often-wrong message board pundits everywhere, participants in Slap‘s 2012 “One in a Million” festivities did not have their lives ruined. Kennedy Cantrell filmed a sick part and Matt Militano even makes an appearance in the “Chaos” section (though he doesn’t ride for the Claw like Kennedy does) for Life Ruiner Lurker Lou’s company, so there *IS* in fact light at the end of the tunnel for O.I.A.M. 2012 participants. Otherwise, Fred Gall is the east coast Lance Mountain, Cyrus Bennett comes through with his second solid part in a few months (hopefully the first one makes it online sometime soon), Phil Rodriguez makes his first non-Flipmode/Bronze appearance, Lou accurately tour guides you through the Williamsburg Bridge monument so you have no reason to ever go there again, and has his first full part in several years. Solid all-around video and a cool concept for tweens and nostalgists alike. Check out their site at

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