Wine & Frenchmen & Fashion Models on E. 3rd St.

In their two collaborative videos with Cliché, DQM is attempting to convince us that it is a skate shop where you walk in to encounter notable fashion models and general people of French descent casually enjoying glasses of wine before a skate session. Though this purported reality deviates from the true, non-exagerated ambiance of DQM, the former Long Island resident known to some as Keith Denley makes an almost convincing case for the existence of gentlemanly grown and sexy skaters on E. 3rd Street. They are a cheese plate away from fooling us.

Their actual skate session, which is a work of non-fiction, features important Lucas Puig footage, who is without a doubt the greatest skater of the Trilogy mold working today. (This means that he restricts himself to low impact street spots and still pushes switch mongo. In other words, he is relatable to the common man because he skates on things that we can all skate, except at a significantly higher skill level.) The video, perhaps more than any other “Summer in New York” piece in the 2012 cycle, illustrates a growing theory that with the knobbing of America’s greatest unintentional skatepark, the westside has become the new Water Street in terms of most commonly chartered weekend session ground. The tide has shifted west.

Video by Richard Quintero. Here’s a link to part one.

Turn On the Lights

It may look like a skatepark, but you can’t skate here.” — Volume 2

Four decades ago, Louis Kahn unintentionally designed an incredible skate spot, which is just now being opened to the public. The chances of ever being able to skate there for an excess of twenty seconds are likely non-existant.

“I get mad bodied.” Kevin Tierney stretching the grammatical boundaries of modern New York slang, and out-of-towners raising awareness of the disdain for “Two times if you know me” greetings in the northeast, in yet another “Summer in New York” clip.

Island Music is a video entirely filmed in Long Island by the same crew that brought you Missing Persons (which strangely disappeared from YouTube) last year. Based off the teaser, it looks like it’s going for a similar black-and-white jazzy feel. Anything inspired by the by the best skate montage in skate montage history is cool.

Skateboarding, fiction writing, and uh, Mike Carroll’s Modus Operandi part.

Where would east coast skateboarding be without the wallie? This clip has a lot of wallies, wallrides, and other NY/NJ/PA skate hallmarks.

Apple could call the iPhone 4S a different name, and millions of people would still ditch the current model for it. Crazy.

Is Palace the next Apple? The next Supreme? The next Menace? The next Maybach Music? Because this is wild (£137 = ~$220.) Also in the realm of skate-gear resale values, Lamborghinis apparently appreciate in value.

Events: 1) Polar Skateboards, Thrasher, Converse, KCDC, etc. are holding a Bum Rush the Spot event at the BQE Lot off Lorimer this Saturday, September 22 from 4 to 6 P.M., followed by a Polar art show at KCDC. 2) File under “Demos Grown-Ups Might Attend” — Cliché and DQM are holding a demo at the L.E.S. Park on Thursday, so you could see French Mariano skate in real life.

Spot Updates: 1) The remaining ledges at Seaport that were not knobbed, have all been barricaded off as of a few days ago. Again, New York sucks sometimes. Developers are idiots. Spot’s done. 2) Those new good material / bad set-up ledges on 53rd and Sixth got knobbed. 3) Oh, and those new high wooden blocks by the Banks / Fulton Street Burger King (R.I.P.) also got knobbed.

Our homie Ren made his first music video. Unlike Black Donald Trump, he doesn’t skate, but his video is chill. Everybody raps.

And once again: If you can’t ollie up it, don’t ollie down it.

Quote of the Week:

29 Random Things That Happened at #NYFW.” Check #9. We out here.