Useless Times – The Dobbin Block Video

If there’s one thing you could expect to be released almost a half-decade late, it’s a New York skate house-endorsed skateboard video. Useless Times can now be placed alongside other defining video Vimeo documents of the previous decade’s “spots-that-aren’t-spots” movement. It also might be the first skate video to embrace Chris Brown, and all the hard work he has put into steering misguided urban teenagers to scooters and away from skateboards. We don’t have many requests for greater skate industry music supervision in 2012 — most of our wishes will inevitably go unfulfilled as editors queue up tracks off the Drive soundtrack 11 months after the fact — we’re just hoping that at least one major skateboarder skates to C. Breeze before the world ends this December.

The video is a compilation of footage from over the past five or so years. Features James Frankhouse (with a part full of quintessential #phatstylez moments), Jeff Ricker, Sweet Waste, Dave Caddo, Alex Davis, Jon Newport, Yelawolf, Conor Fay, Kevin Brennan, Jerry Mraz, Mike Mike, Lurker Lou, Jahmal Williams, 80s Joe, Curtis Rapp, and Greg Huff.

Take your time, take your time, take your sexy time…”

The Events That Defined New York City Skateboarding in 2011: 15-11

This week’s installment. Going to finish out the remainder of the list next week. Previous editions: #25-21, #20-16.

15. Luis Tolentino Skates on High Things

Though Aldrin Garcia may have set the new highest ollie record in 2011, Luis went his own route and created an alternate, more conceptual category: Highest Average Obstacle in a Skate Part. The average height of every object he skates on or over in his Everywhere We Go Part is estimated to be 40 inches, shattering any previous records (likely held by Darren Harper and Brandon Westgate) by at least half-a-foot. This new record has lead to a variety of bizarre theories from YouTube comments, most notably that Luis has a black person in each leg.

He also started off his part with a trick at a Waffle House, so that’s always a plus.

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