Talk about finding love in a hopeless place. (Thanks to Bart for the photo.)

R.I.P. Whitney Houston. There aren’t a lot of skate clips edited to Whitney songs, but there is this Lennie Kirk part from the QS Mind Field re-edit set to “I Will Always Love You.” The dudes who made the Stop Fakin’ video also had to good sense to edit a bonus section to “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.”

Hypebeast did an interview with Bill Strobeck about “the whimsical characters and subjects he portrays.” The new Transworld video, which Bill has a section in, is premiering in L.A. this Thursday. No word on a New York premiere, although people are *speculating* there will be another screening at Tribeca Grand, like the last one. In case you missed it, Crailtap posted a clip of Bill finishing up his section for the video out in L.A. last week.

Kevin Tierney got a lot taller over the past five years. It’s bizzare that lipslide down the nine happened five years ago, too. Feels like last year.

Brian Anderson offers some quick tips on properly experiencing New Orleans. Via the homies at Humidity Skateshop.

Shit U Not continues with the Big Brother retrospectives. Remember when you could run an ollie at a skatepark as a cover photo? Remember when Heath rode for Hooks-Ups shoes? Remember when Hook-Ups actually made shoes? Remember Kastel?

Skating in India looks pretty wild. Mooney is supposed to be going out there to look for an arranged marriage. Michael Mackrodt is one of the top five Europeans in da skate game.

Some brilliant human being made a mash-up of all Lurker Lou’s footage to W.A.S.P’S “Mean Man.” This is the video part Lou should have had all along. Yaje’s cameo is probably the most brilliant part of the whole thing — and there are a lot of brilliant parts. A bunch of 14-year-olds will still hit the thumbs-down button…

5Boro’s Join Or Die video premieres at 8 P.M. on Thursday, February 16th at Santos (Lafayette Street, just south of Canal.) 18+ to get in. Teaser 1, Teaser 2. Brian Clarke should have some new footage in it while we all wait until “next month” for J.P’s mystic video to drop.

Quote of the Week: “Black girls stay biting punk girls’ swag.” — Black Dave on the popularity of Rihanna haircuts

“Otis” still suuuccckkks, by the way.

See You At The Parade

To think that only a month ago, we were claiming we wouldn’t mention the NFL for a few years. Congratulations to the New York Giants. The Knicks are never winning anything (especially when you need 25 points & 7 assists from a Chinese Harvard graduate to beat the Nets…), so perhaps we should direct our local sports radar beyond basketball.

In other Super Bowl / Skate-Related News: Fred Gall wins the Dobbin Block Super Bowl squares pool, Paul Rodriguez does what is presumably one of history’s more expensive switch flips for a Samsung commercial (@ 0:56), Mixtape star and circa-1997 “King of Style,” Peter Bici, informs close friends that “Boston sucks” immediately after New York’s victory, and Gucci Mane declares the trap’s comeback. Does anyone go to U Mass? You guys didn’t handle the loss too well, huh?

The most interesting post-Super Bowl development? Cam’ron resurrects the nearly three-year-old Cousin Bang project for a special Super Bowl edition. He still insists that the full-length movie is coming soon (original trailer here.)

Paulgar put together a six-minute montage from the late-Autumn era featuring Jake Johnson, Ted Barrow, Kevin Tierney, Brian Delatorre, and other QS-favorites. Some of the footage is previously unseen. All shot in/around New York, minus a few Miami clips from that awful “short film” Paul made starring Lemony Snicketts.

To answer our own question from a few months ago about when skaters will get tired of editing videos to songs off Jeru the Damaja’s The Sun Rises in the Eastnot anytime soon.

Fresh off the demise of the Santa Monica Sand Gaps, Los Angeles loses another iconic skate spot (one that actually deserves to be a famous skate spot.) The Department of Water & Power Benches are knobbed.

The Shit U Not blog offers a tour through a classic Big Brother issue (#22). Andy Roy on the cover, Gino Iannucci interview, a Chris Keefe Capital Skateboards ad, and other varying points of interest.

The official video “Got One” by 2 Chainz just dropped, and it’s easy to say that the Torey Goodall version does the song way more justice.

The forecast for tomorrow promises “near record high temperatures.” If only every February had multiple 50-degree days.

Danny Supa Big Brother Interview from May 2000

If you pay attention to conventional skateboard media, you may be aware that Danny Supa recently signed on with BLVD Skateboards. He’s got a new commercial over there, a new interview on 48 Blocks, and hopefully an ensemble of other new things surfacing in the future. The skate media world has been sparse in Supa coverage since his Nothing but the Truth part, which featured him grinding a ledge maybe two times. When you have flip tricks like those, that’s not exactly a bad thing.

Historically speaking, like many who spent the last golden days of VHS (somewhere around 1999-2001) constantly replaying the Mixtape cassette, and treating it as an outdated tour guide to what skate spots New York City had to offer (and calling Paine Webber “the Mixtape benches” for many formidable years of skateboarding), his part from that particular video has always been a favorite. If not for the top-tier backside flips, and successful only-5050 incorporating ledge lines (switch front 5050 180 out, nollie backside 5050 bench lines, and the like), than for the part’s status as probably the only skate part to be filmed mostly in basketball shorts, some of the most comfortable skateboard attire short of Polo sweats. Until your shins get hit.

The interview below is from the August 2000 issue of Big Brother, taken after a brief hiatus from skating for Zoo York. It discusses Guess watches, Ryan Hickey, and Mike Hernandez, so it’s worth five minutes of your time. All of the photos are enlargeable, and a text-only version of the images is at the second half of the page so it is easier to read.

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Big Brother’s Hated & Misunderstood Issue: Billy Rohan Interview (From May 2003)

Billy’s presence in this “Hated & Misunderstood” issue of the much-loved (and unfortunately defunct) Big Brother magazine was brought up in that Slap Magazine questions video from last month. The interview is from May of 2003, some time after Billy moved to New York, when he still rode for Zoo, ABC was still around, and the Koston 3s were among the most popular skate shoes in New York. Billy is definitely a long way from being hated and misunderstood these days, and it is amazing to think he once shared that title in an issue that featured other notorious names like Chad Fernandez. The key difference, of course, is that Billy was more on the misunderstood end of things, and C. Fro AKA “Just call me Hair” is actually “hated,” if you want to put it that way. There was an interview with someone else in this issue who falls under that title, but I can’t remember who it was.

This post is a collaborative effort between The Chrome Ball Incident for unearthing the scans so that we may use them, and Quartersnacks, which has given Billy numerous deserved headlines this year. But not too many, just so that we don’t look like we are losing our focus in being the #1 Dylan fansite and news resource.

The interview sheds light on many of the classic Billy moments (“To show the officer I wasn’t drunk, I ran up his car and did a backflip off of it”), and is all the more reason to start annoying Rob Harris about releasing his documentary on Billy from last year to the public. Plus, that grind on the rail at White Hall Street, next to the Veteran’s Memorial, is tall as hell.

The magazine format has been modified to fit this site’s layout. All of the images are enlargeable.

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