Back From the Dead 2

carroll mehring

Michael Carroll. Photo by Jonathan Mehring. Should be back to normal programming this week. Sometimes you just gotta lurk around France and not be all stuck inside a computer yaknow.

Gotta send a massive #OGRESPECT to the homie *The Shady One* for claiming something over group text on the lead-up to a trip and fully 100% actually not backing down and going for it on the second day of arrival.

Switch pop shove crook is prob the most unlikely trick to go down at Con Ed Banks.

A bunch of Boston dudes doing some hot moves in New York in the latest Jenkins Log installment. Also features the *coolest* trick Daniel Kim has done since he got a #desk #job and lost all of his Belly of the Beast-era powers hehe ;)

Screengrab is the latest video from Tom Gorelik a.k.a. Russian Bob. Features a part from Troy Stilwell.

Skateboard Story interviewed Grandpa Jeremy about working at Autumn and subsequently running a shop of his own in Philadelphia.

There’s no reason to even bother pretending like anyone will have the slightest morsel of a chance in skating those Universitat-esque benches they’re supposed to be putting in Times Square. Anyone who’s skated through there even at the dead of night mid-winter knows those rookie cops are just waiting to ticket you. Literally the only precinct in the city I’ve ever heard claim it was illegal to skate on a sidewalk in New York.

“I liked it back in the day when someone like Henry Sanchez threw your board in the water at Pier 7, but he was still your favorite skater even after that. Now you don’t say hi to some kid and you’re ‘the biggest dick ever.'” Monster Children has a quick interview with the guy who ruined skateboarding back in 2012.

Fam, sk8ers been fake-claiming “one more” since way b4 Gatorade.

Our tour van playlists this past summer haven’t been far off from the Real van, though we probably listened to the [non-slowed down] middle montage song from Horny way more than anything (besides 56 Nights obvs.)

J.B. + H.D.V. is the only skater + spot combo as good as Kalis or Stevie + Love. Nice to see anytime he’s back there. Except we all know there’s only one Mr. Perfect

Enjoyed this Huck piece on Michelle Pezel, owner of Vancouver’s Antisocial.

A few progress shots of the skatepark being built in place of Fat Kid Spot.

Boil the Ocean on increased stress levels in modern-day skateboarding.

“It’s not like the easiest shit ever. It’s also kind of like the easiest shit ever.”

Quote of the Week: “Girls here are mad weird. I just matched with a girl whose bio says ‘Hitler’s Dreamgirl.'” — Antonio Durao re: Tinder in Chicago

Though it was never an actual spot, as maybe only three tricks have ever been done it, R.I.P. to 50th Street / Times Square Hubba. Here’s the greatest noseslider not from Maine doing a noseslide down it circa 2003ish.

The History of T.Fs in New York: 2000-2015


How deep? Deep as the abyss. Photo by Gigliotti.

The other day, I met some people at T.F. West. After the hour-long pandering that goes on whenever the “where are we gonna skate?”-question is raised, some permit-wielding kickballers showed up. Outnumbered and frustrated, we left the park.

“So-and-so is at T.F.” An hour of half-hearted flat skating and aimless shittalking — it was not enough. We still craved a new chainlink cage with nothing more than flatground and maybe a trash receptacle to put on its side. We half-walked/half-skated the twenty minutes to T.F.

After a half-hour at T.F., a suggestion was made: “So-and-so wants to a try a trick over the can off the bump on 20th Street.”

The “bump” on 20th Street? You mean that small groove on the ground that just-maybe-kinda-but-kinda-not hoists you up? In an empty court surrounded by a chainlink cage? How did we get here? Three T.Fs in one day? We’ve been everywhere and back but I just can’t remember it all. What am I doing?

Here’s a complete history of how we got here.

2000: Alien Workshop’s Photosynthesis video is released. The second half of Robert Dyrdek’s part is filmed at a graffiti-covered indoor facility, which we later learn is called the “Training Facility” or “T.F.” for short. (This place later proved to be a blueprint for the “Fantasy Factory,” but that is a topic for another day.)

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See You At The Parade

To think that only a month ago, we were claiming we wouldn’t mention the NFL for a few years. Congratulations to the New York Giants. The Knicks are never winning anything (especially when you need 25 points & 7 assists from a Chinese Harvard graduate to beat the Nets…), so perhaps we should direct our local sports radar beyond basketball.

In other Super Bowl / Skate-Related News: Fred Gall wins the Dobbin Block Super Bowl squares pool, Paul Rodriguez does what is presumably one of history’s more expensive switch flips for a Samsung commercial (@ 0:56), Mixtape star and circa-1997 “King of Style,” Peter Bici, informs close friends that “Boston sucks” immediately after New York’s victory, and Gucci Mane declares the trap’s comeback. Does anyone go to U Mass? You guys didn’t handle the loss too well, huh?

The most interesting post-Super Bowl development? Cam’ron resurrects the nearly three-year-old Cousin Bang project for a special Super Bowl edition. He still insists that the full-length movie is coming soon (original trailer here.)

Paulgar put together a six-minute montage from the late-Autumn era featuring Jake Johnson, Ted Barrow, Kevin Tierney, Brian Delatorre, and other QS-favorites. Some of the footage is previously unseen. All shot in/around New York, minus a few Miami clips from that awful “short film” Paul made starring Lemony Snicketts.

To answer our own question from a few months ago about when skaters will get tired of editing videos to songs off Jeru the Damaja’s The Sun Rises in the Eastnot anytime soon.

Fresh off the demise of the Santa Monica Sand Gaps, Los Angeles loses another iconic skate spot (one that actually deserves to be a famous skate spot.) The Department of Water & Power Benches are knobbed.

The Shit U Not blog offers a tour through a classic Big Brother issue (#22). Andy Roy on the cover, Gino Iannucci interview, a Chris Keefe Capital Skateboards ad, and other varying points of interest.

The official video “Got One” by 2 Chainz just dropped, and it’s easy to say that the Torey Goodall version does the song way more justice.

The forecast for tomorrow promises “near record high temperatures.” If only every February had multiple 50-degree days.

This Dirty Old Town: The Rise of the Dunions

If you haven’t noticed, it’s unofficially Autumn Week on Quartersnacks. As we continue to mourn the loss of the anchor that held the T.F. ashore, the tributes from fans continue to pour in. One of the main omissions from Galen’s otherwise remarkable memoir, was coverage of The Dunions and their rule over the green-painted throne(s) at Tompkins. (To be fair, it did include a link to Slicky Boy’s revelation that cee-lo “has to do with math.”) Thankfully, Lurker Lou released his own video slideshow to chronicle this often misunderstood sub-plot of T.F. culture over the past several years. It’s a great companion piece to the brilliant “Arms of the Angels” Autumn tribute that went online this past weekend.

Autumn also started a Vimeo page that archives many of the antics to make their way to digi-cam clips, most notably in the form of Le Basket heckling sessions and QS C.E.O. Ben Nazario cameos.

Last but not least, I received an e-mail from Dave yesterday that had good news: “I have the Slicky Boy and Roctakon shirts in the works. I am going to put up a section of shirts that is for short run / inside joke tees on the site.” Be sure to check out and grab a shirt.

Up next: How are we going to get Slicky Boy on Instagram?

A Shop for All Seasons & Forever: Memories of Autumn

Written by Galen Dekemper.

Thanks to Rob Harris, Emilio Cuilan, Danny Weiss, and probably some other people for the photos.


There is a tendency to consider things older than ourselves permanent into our future since we have no memory of a time without them. Autumn was in New York City before I was, and it had soldiered on for so long that I only imagined that it would continue to do so. Now the shop is closed. I will be thankful if this writing of Autumn’s death proves premature or temporary. Its rebirth is the Snackman’s number one prediction for 2012 and my fervent hope too, right up there with last year’s prediction of Slicky Boy switch nosegrinding a handrail. I feel the coming of both may arrive jointly, or once Slicky Boy’s rap or gambling money allows him to buy out the whole block of 9th Street, reinstate Autumn with the bowl on site, and start the Tompkins Deli back again too with a nightclub downstairs that will create its own Barmuda Triangle with Blind Barber and Lit. A resurrection of Autumn would be similar to the creation of Nobel Prizes once the living Mr. Nobel was declared dead in the press, that is a chance to live again more vigorously than ever before in the celebration of ideals, effort and truth, for all of which Autumn was a beacon despite its lack of extensive storefront signage. It existed in location and aesthetic right between Supreme and KCDC. The development of the gentleman skater genre owes much to Autumn. One time, this kid asked the Philosopher how to get to Autumn and Philosopher told him to stick around the TF till 7:30 then help carry the box back to the shop.

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