This Dirty Old Town: The Rise of the Dunions

If you haven’t noticed, it’s unofficially Autumn Week on Quartersnacks. As we continue to mourn the loss of the anchor that held the T.F. ashore, the tributes from fans continue to pour in. One of the main omissions from Galen’s otherwise remarkable memoir, was coverage of The Dunions and their rule over the green-painted throne(s) at Tompkins. (To be fair, it did include a link to Slicky Boy’s revelation that cee-lo “has to do with math.”) Thankfully, Lurker Lou released his own video slideshow to chronicle this often misunderstood sub-plot of T.F. culture over the past several years. It’s a great companion piece to the brilliant “Arms of the Angels” Autumn tribute that went online this past weekend.

Autumn also started a Vimeo page that archives many of the antics to make their way to digi-cam clips, most notably in the form of Le Basket heckling sessions and QS C.E.O. Ben Nazario cameos.

Last but not least, I received an e-mail from Dave yesterday that had good news: “I have the Slicky Boy and Roctakon shirts in the works. I am going to put up a section of shirts that is for short run / inside joke tees on the site.” Be sure to check out and grab a shirt.

Up next: How are we going to get Slicky Boy on Instagram?