Popeye’s Ledge

Spots — Chinatown, East Village & L.E.S.

Illustration by Michael Gigliotti

A frontside for regular ledge that runs down a bike path, with a slappy curb alongside it. Manual pad at the end of the hill.

The ledge has been described as grinding “like a soggy hot dog bun.”

There is a good, albeit slightly oversized seven set at the northern end of the spot (a block up from the bike path).

There’s a (you guessed it) Popeye’s across the street, though you should get rice balls from Yaya Tea a few doors down (51 Christie Street) if you don’t want to feel like death after.

Bust — ♦♦♦♦♦: The bike path is very crowded, especially during rush hours. It’s better during holidays or colder months. The Parks Department won’t hassle you, but there are usually police officers across the street at the Manhattan Bridge, and they might kick you out for fucking up the flow of the bike path.

Location: Canal Street and Christie Street. The seven set is on Hester and Christie.