Noah Singleton’s FTP Part by Neema Joorabchi

We first caught word of Noah Singleton back when Transworld ran Brandon Stepanow’s Sportsman Shit video in the final week of the 2010s — that Paine Webber ollie around the 3:50 mark still gets brought up whenever we happen to get time there. Noah’s parts continued to compound in quality, right through Til It’s Gone and the Seagram Building ride-on grind we talked a lot about in 2022, to most recently closing out FTP’s American Terrorist video from December.

And not even a few months removed from that one, Neema was kind enough to share a new part him and Noah had been working on for FTP, which we’re happy to present to you today 😉

If you know anything about how aggro the security is in that zone, climbing up on the side of the Juliard building for that ride-in is even crazier than it looks.

Guest skaters are Zain Ladha and Jasper Stieve.

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