God’s Hands — Duplex’s ‘SPOT DOCTOR’ Video

As any mogul will tell you: the key to productivity is a fat spot book. How small you can make the gap between “where should we skate?” and an answer will be the secret indicator of where you end up in life. People must see you about your business, commandeering an iPhone full of spot pins, and tell their children, “Now that looks like someone who’s going places!”

The Duplex dudes didn’t arrive at the luxury of being able to drop a whole other video between an oft-recurring Thrasher seriesthe most recent of which dropped three weeks ago — through sheer force or willpower. No. They backlogged every potentially skateable hunk of sun-cracked cement in the southern half of Florida to make the aforementioned gap as small as possible. (Never considered Florida much of a haven for cobblestone spots, but yeah, they found those, too.)

Idk if we’re reading too much into a video called “Spot Doctor,” but it rarely ever feels like they spend much time retreading old ground from past videos.

And with Garrett Haschke’s ender now joining Antonio’s over-the-chain-into-the-snow wizardry at that building across from Columbus Circle, historians of the switch backside flip will want to jot down the first week of March 2024 as one to remember.

Dedicated to Ryan Connors.

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