Ben Chadourne’s Paris in “I THINK ONE MORE MAYBE”

QS has completed its transition into Antonio, Hjalte and Hardbody state media this week.

2021 Q.S.S.O.T.Y. Ben Chadourne has managed to round up almost ~every skater you want to see~ from the greater Parisian / honorary Parisian / Converse-verse into “I THINK ONE MORE.” A dose on Nik Stain, Hjalte charging into traffic, a more substantial batch of K-Rod footage than K-Rod fans have conditioned themselves into expecting within the confines of a surprise YouTube montage… plus Cyrus! Sage! Vince! Vince getting tech!

It is no secret than a montage for the sake of making a montage is this media enterprise’s favorite form of skate media, and this feels like it’s straight out of 2015 but loaded up with 2024 skateboard technology. Every now and then, you see a skate video that you simply wish would never end, and this one certainly fits the bill — yet you can’t help but feel its a precursor to bigger things to come ;)

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